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Are JYJ's Junsu and Jaejoong planning to enlist at the end of this year?

JYJ, Junsu (XIA), Jaejoong, Yoochun
JYJ's Junsu and Jaejoongmay be aiming to enlist in the military at the end of the year, according to music industry insiders.

As you know, this topic has been brought up several times before, and it's one that will be taking place eventually whether fans are prepared for it or not. The last time it was discussed in the media, it was mentioned that Jaejoong had delayed his enlistment to the end of 2012, but was eligible to defer again, which he seems to have done as it is now 2013.

An insider stated, "[Junsu and Jaejoong] are currently arranging the date with consideration to their overseas concerts and schedules. [They will enlist] probably towards the end of the year, if not, around January or February of next year."

"With the controversy surrounding celebrity recruits, they would prefer to enter as regular soldiers. Because a male celebrity going to the army is a sensitive issue, the two are of the position that they would enlist properly as regular soldiers. As they are top stars and the topic of [enlistment] has the potential to become big, they can't help but be cautious."

Jaejoong and Junsu have already delayed multiple times, but they are still of the age where they can defer again if need be.

Not much is known about Yoochun's status. The last time this issue was discussed, he was determined to be 4th rank after 3 physical exams, which means that he is not eligible to enlist as a full time active duty soldier, and instead may be drafted for reservist duty or as a public service officer.

C-JeS Entertainment remained vague as they responded, "All of the members of JYJ plan to enlist into the military and if you're a male Korean citizen, enlisting is something that's obvious," not offering much details into any specific dates.

Source + image: Kuki News via Nate

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