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An alleged text message history between Park Si Hoo's hoobae and trainee 'A' obtained


In the midst of all the rumors and random issues that media and netizens are discovering about Park Si Hoo, the actor and his legal team have kept relatively silent, determined that the truth will be revealed in the end. While they've been keeping quiet, it has been revealed that a text message history has been obtained betweeen Park Si Hoo's hoobae and the trainee 'A'.

According to legal representatives as well as those from the entertainment industry, text messages obtained may help prove that what happened that one night was consensual, and not forced.

The text message history allegedly contains conversations between Park Si Hoo's hoobae,Mr. Kim, and the trainee 'A', and their acquaintances. The messages between Mr. Kim and 'A' apparently show that they had friendly, everyday type of conversations, which goes against what 'A' had said as she said she barely knew Mr. Kim. The messages have not only been obtained by Park Si Hoo's legal team, but by the court as well.

One source commented, "'From what I know, messages between 'A' and Mr. Kim as well as those with their acquaintances over the course of several days ahead of the night of the incident have been obtained. In the messages between 'A' and her friend, there was even content about how she'll be able to receive a lot of settlement money if she sues Park Si Hoo and Mr. Kim... Even after the incident, 'A' even showed interest in Mr. Kim by sending him a message that said things like, 'I should have been with you yesterday.'"

Allegedly, a day after the incident (on the 15th at 15:41), 'A' texted Mr. Kim "I'm home now" (in an aegyo style of writing), and Mr. Kim wrote back, "Are your insides okay?" (a phrase often asked to those who just drank a lot). During the conversation, it was even mentioned, "Let's go to the club later."

As the alleged text message history shows that there is no sign of Park Si Hoo and Mr. Kim forcing 'A' to do anything, it is currently seen as an important piece of evidence that will support Park Si Hoo's claims. It is also quite different from what 'A' had claimed previously as she said she had talked to her friends asking things like, "What am I supposed to do now?"

It's said if 'A' is unable to provide evidence that can clearly counter this text message history, the case will slide towards the favor of Park Si Hoo.

Meanwhile, Park Si Hoo is on his way to attend his portion of the investigation after much delay today (March 1st).

Source: Ilgan Sports, SBS, eToday


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