E-Sens stirs up controversy with a new song targeting his former agency Amoeba Culture and Dynamic Duo's Gaeko

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Former Supreme Team member E-Sens has released a free song for the public that has raised quite a few eyebrows with its strong lyrics targeted at his former agency and Dynamic Duo's Gaeko.

As mentioned before, E-Sens and former agency Amoeba Culture parted ways recently, with Amoeba Culture stating, "We have told E-Sens that his contract ended on the 19th. E-Sens is no longer an artist on our label. We have parted ways because our ways of thinking about music are different. Simon D will continue to work under Amoeba Culture".

Many wondered then whether the decision not to renew had something to do with E-Sens' past issues and if the decision was reached mutually by both sides.

Then this morning, E-Sens unveiled a free song called "You Can't Control Me", in which he expresses his discontentment with the former agency and singles out former labelmate and one of the founders of Amoeba Culture - Dynamic Duo's Gaeko.

The song contains lyrics that say things like, 'Scamming people while they act like they're putting their all into supporting their hoobaes of Korean hip hop pretending like they're not celebrities'; 'it's like the company cut off my ankle and gave it to me''I'm curious as to whether the blood of the fox, who closed his eyes and lips to the thug-like things they've done to me, will boil'; 'After you listen to this, answer me Gaeko'; 'Don't try to slip out of this like the way you acted towards me inside the company the past 5 years''Get real, the most devious and sly person is you'; 'Cosplaying as a nice person, f*ck that'; 'Amoeba Culture kiss my ass'; and more.

With the media contacting them for response, Amoeba Culture commented, "We were just finishing up Dynamic Duo's new music video. We heard about the song through news articles, but we haven't actually listened to the song yet. It's something we'll have to discuss after we get the staff together... We'll decide on the next step after we listen to the song."

You can take a listen to the song below.

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    nicolee_k Monday, August 26, 2013

    "el pueblo unido jamas será vencido"

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    mind_blown Sunday, August 25, 2013

    Dang he went staight for the kill O_O

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    sicafan226 Sunday, August 25, 2013

    If the song is free why can't I download it?

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