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Celebrities speak up in regards to the tragic Connecticut shooting

December 15, 2012 @ 6:30 pm
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On December 14th, a tragedy occurred at an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut where 28 people died, including 20 children. This wasn't the only incident that occurred at a school as halfway across the globe in China, a man brought a knife to a primary school and stabbed 22 children and 1 adult. The entire world was shocked at the news of these horrific incidents, and celebrities in Korea spoke up against the horrible news.

Inactive 1TYM member Danny wrote,

When mentioned to about the Chinese stabbing incident, he also expressed,

Brian Joo also tweeted,

Shayne from MBC's 'The Great Birth' wrote,

2AM's Jo Kwon wrote a simple,

Former After School member Bekah tweeted,

Actor Daniel Henney wrote,

He also alluded to stricter gun control in a later tweet when he wrote,

Hip-hop artist Dumbfoundead wrote,

Epik High's Tablo also took to Twitter to write,

U-KISS' Kevin expressed,

Our hearts also go out to all those affected by these horrific tragedies.

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