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Hip Hop artist SOOL J thanks Hwayoung for stopping by 'FREESTYLE DAY 2012'

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News of former T-ara member Hwayoung's latest public appearance is stirring much interest amongst fans and netizens alike.

On September 10th, hip hop musician SOOL J wrote to Hwayoung via Twitter saying, "Hello, this is SOOL J. Thank you so much for coming out to Freestyle Day. It was so hectic that I just barely managed to say hello. I hope it was a great day for you, and I will look forward to amazing rap and music from you!"

Hwayoung dropped by 'FREESTYLE DAY 2012' held at AX-KOREA in Seoul September 9th. It is a hip hop festival that takes place once a year, and the best rappers in the country put on lavish freestyle rap battles.

It seems as though Hwayoung who is reportedly studying rap stopped by the event to observe her seniors' performances.

Ahead of this, Hwayoung had also written via her own Twitter page September 6th, "I know I'm still lacking in a lot of ways, but I am really practicing to get better at writing lyrics! I am working hard so that I don't disappoint all of you, so please wait for me a little while longer, and please look forward to a more mature [Hwayoung]."

Upon hearing the news, fans have become all the more curious to know if and when she will be returning to the music scene.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate


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