Sandara Park blames Lee Hyori for her short height

November 15, 2009 @ 2:26 pm
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If you didn't know yet, Family Outing recently welcomed two idol stars as guest family members with 2NE1's Sandara Park and After School's UEE. During the highly-anticipated episode, Sandara Park revealed that Lee Hyori was partly the reason for her short height and she also revealed her shocking weight. Sandara said, "The reason why I'm so short is because of Hyori unnie. During my teenage years, I was such a huge fan of Hyori unnie. I brought a lot of heavy melons from the Philippines to Korea after watching unnie eating melons so deliciously on tv." She continued, "After I attended a Fin.K.L concert in Korea, I waited in front of Hyori unnie's house and asked your mother to pass the melons to you. In return, I received an autograph from you and happily went back home." By the time Sandara finished, she was about to tear and this touched Hyori. She tried to lighten up the mood with a hilarious remark, "Yeah, there were a lot of those kids." Lee Hyori then asked the 2NE1 member what her actual weight was, and being her usual 4D self, Sandara Park confessed truthfully, "I'm actually 40kg (88.2lbs)" holy crap! Stay tuned for more of Dara and UEE on the next episode of Family Outing.

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