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'Girls Planet 999's Shana introduces herself as first member of upcoming girl group Lapillus


A 'Girls Planet 999' fan favorite is back as a member of MLD Entertainment's new girl group!

On June 6 KST, Shana, a member of the upcoming girl group Lapillus, introduced herself through a 'SHINE YOUR LAPPILUS' debut teaser. In the clip, the Japanese trainee talks about her personality, particularly her love for cooking, working out, and staying positive.

Meanwhile, Lapillus is MLD Entertainment's first girl group in over six years after Momoland. The group consists of six members: Shana, Haeun, Seowon, Yue, Bessie, and Chanty. They are set to make their official debut on June 20.

Check out Shana's video above!

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26 days ago

A very cute teaser. But "shine your Shana" sounds like they want me to polish her. 😅

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Winston7,411 pts 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

i feel a bit sad for MOMOLAND, at first all was going well for them, after Boom Boom, their agency even changed the name from DoubleKick to MLD, (i assume its the intials of Momoland), to the name of the group.. and BAAM did not bad too..

but after that it all went downhill, they tend to keep sending the 3 famous members to variety shows, JooE for her variety skills and Yeonwoo and Nancy due to their visuals.

then when Yeonwoo and Taeha left, they still had Nancy as the visual i thought.

but subsequent comebacks seems to get lower sales as they failed to win #1 on music shows even after collab with other foreign singers like Natti.

and the bombshell that rocked them, was when Daisy revealed that the reality show Finding Momoland was fraudulent and rigged.. i guess it came at the time, similar shows like PD48 and Idol School was also undergoing investigations of votes rigging. i think this news really made the public lose interest in the group.

i think its really hard for them to get back to the same level.

i think the agency is probably trying to make amends by debutting a new girl group and focusing their attention on the new group and start a new, rather than trying to repair the reputation of Momoland.

i remember seeing a video where Nancy called her parents and her parents asked her about their upcoming comeback (that time it was the collab with Natti), she tried to reassure her parents their next comeback will be doing well. and the song is good.
i only fear now with a new gg in sights.. MLD Entertainment will probably focus their songs and give them to Lapillus instead.
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