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IU touches the hearts of netizens with her Daesang acceptance speech at the '2022 Golden Disc Awards'


IU touched the hearts of netizens as she gave her Daesang acceptance speech during the '2022 Golden Disc Awards.'

On January 8th, the '36th Golden Disc Awards' took place and IU received the song of the year award with "Celebrity". After she delivered her acceptance speech, many netizens shared their emotional reactions online. In her acceptance speech, she said, 

"I remember expressing my gratitude for such a big award last year and I'm thrilled to receive another big award this year as well. It makes me feel the year has wrapped up so well. This song is a collective effort of many people and I hope all of them would feel as happy as I am after hearing this news. 

I am lucky to have many good friends in my life, and although my friend is a little shy about being called an 'inspiration', I really am making music thanks to my source of inspiration. I started writing the lyrics of 'Celebrity' because of my very friend who has been receiving much love and hate because of his/her characteristics. I wanted to say 'You don't have to feel star-ry about being yourself, you are a star.' 

As I continued to write the lyrics, I came to think this is my story or actually a story of everyone who is receiving love and hate for unapologetically being oneself. So I remember paying extra effort making this song. I want to thank my friend again for inspiring me, and I hope he/she continues to inspire me in my life.  

I have previously said I wanted to make the most out of my last year as a twenty-something-year-old. So I tried my best to promote and release new music all year long. I believed that is how I can pay my gratitude to my fans who have been watching over me for a decade and I am grateful how many of you enjoyed my music, giving me an award as well. I really appreciate making me feel I have wrapped up my 20s so well. 

There were many trials and errors in the past decade. As I reflect upon my past, I came to conclude that while it was me who fell, it was someone else who helped me get back up on my feet.  

I want to thank those who have always helped me get back up including my fans, families, EDAM Entertainment, and my staff members. 

As I begin my life in my 30s, I'll do my best to show my different side. I'm still learning and I hope you hate and love me more, as those are my driving force. Thank you in advance for another decade!"  

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16 days ago

Congratulations IU, she is an amazing person, she deserves all the love in the world.



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16 days ago

30 is not even old, shine brightly Ji Eun


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