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Reality Star Frenchy Morgan exposes Oli London pretending to be an ARMY


Frenchy Morgan exposes Oli London for being a fraud and lying to BTS and ARMY  that he is part of the BTS ARMYOli London uses BTS and Jimin for clout. Frenchy states that "Oli London has never seen BTS in concert. He doesn’t even know how many members are in BTS and all of there names. He doesn’t even know RM is the leader."  When Oli London was in Seoul last year for the LOVE YOURSELF World Tour, he did not go to support them, but still claims to be in love with Jimin 

Oli London contacted Frenchy on Instagram in 2018 because he saw Frenchy on a UK Television show called " Big brother ". Frenchy also states that "When Oli contacted me he told me he was an ARMY so I trusted him to be his friend."  Frenchy seems to have had enough of Oli London's lies and has decided to expose him and cut him off. "He has been lying to ARMY and I refuse to support his lies."  Oli has even gone as far as writing on google that he married Jimin. And marrying a Cardboard cut out of Jimin to gain more attention. He knows that BTS is becoming more and more popular because of how successful they have come, and he is using them for that reason, to get more clout.  Frenchy exposing Oli on TikTok.


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What do you think of Oli London using BTS for clout? 


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quark1239512,380 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 0
Thursday, September 3, 2020

I'm pretty sure he's the only person who considered him ARMY so that sounds about right.



eottoke12,886 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 2
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Kpopsuperfan2019 (a.k.a Oli London) is fuming right now. lol watch him make another Oli london article to gain more clout and drag this issue like as if he’s a superstar


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