Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, February 10, 2022

Haha is unfortunately unable to upload the video of him and Jung Jun Ha shaving their heads after losing a bet


Earlier this month, HaHa announced that he had already shaved his head after losing a bet with fans and explained he would be uploading the video soon. Unfortunately, this video won't be uploaded.

On February 10th, a message was posted on HaHa's YouTube channel community explaining that the video showing HaHa and Jung Jun Ha shaving their heads will not be uploaded. The content producer of HaHa's channel wrote, "The video of the Bottom Duo (HaHa and Jung Jun Ha) shaving their heads that was supposed to be uploaded today, is temporarily put on hold due to an issue with one panelist." The producer continued to write, "The Bottom Duo finished with Bronze 2 but HaHa PD will be back with Summoner's Rift map in the spring. We want to thank everyone who showed love for the Bottom Duo."

Along with the message, a photo of HaHa and Jung Jun Ha with shaved heads was uploaded.

Many netizens were disappointed with the news that the video showing the two shaving their heads will not be uploaded because the two celebrities made a big decision to shave their heads.

This was due to the controversy that arose against the YouTuber Gary Hyung, a gaming YouTuber. HaHa and Jung Jun Ha actually collaborated with Gary Hyung in this project and the YouTuber tutored HaHa and Jung Jun Ha about the League of Legends gaming.

However, recently, there were allegations that Gary Hyung had verbally abused his video editor regularly. In response, Gary Hyung admitted to his wrongdoings and posted an apology saying, "I did something that is unacceptable. I apologize for greatly hurting the editor."

YouTuber Gary Hyung began posting videos starting 2017 and grew his channel, gaining over 800,000 subscribers. He was seen joining HaHa on HaHa's YouTube channel, teaching him the rules and ways to play 'League of Legends.' Therefore, Gary Hyung also joined this latest project with HaHa and Jung Jun Ha. Unfortunately, the video showing HaHa and Jung Jun Ha shaving their heads will not be uploaded at the moment due to the recent controversy surrounding Gary Hyung.

Netizens expressed their disappointment in an online community saying, "It's so sad that we can't watch two celebrities shave their heads," "this was really good content," "I feel bad for HaHa and Jung Jun Ha because they shaved their heads for their YouTube content but can't upload it," "I saw the video of that YouTuber cursing and he was really bad," "This is pretty sad," and "I feel really bad for HaHa and Jung Jun Ha. Hopefully, we can watch the video later in the future."

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

It's probably pretty disappointing to both haha and Jung Jun Ha. I'm still excited to see how the Running man members will tease haha over it tho

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