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The real winner of 'Idol School' writes an emotional letter to her fans


Lee Hae In, the real winner of Mnet's 'Idol School', wrote an emotional letter to her fans.

Previously on June 10th, it was reported that the Seoul Central District Court sentenced chief producer Kim Tae Eun to 1 year in prison on the charges of obstruction of business and fraud for manipulating vote results of the 2017 competitive reality show. The real winner of the show was also revealed during the trial, which was Lee Hae In. 

On June 12th, Lee Hae In wrote a heartwarming letter to her fans thanking their support. She wrote:

"My friends! Did you eat? After much consideration, I thought I had to share this with you so I came here(referring to her fan cafe) where we can talk to each other in confidence. 

I was thinking that you may have been worrying as much as I did or even more so. I was also concerned that you might be worried about me too much. Long story short, I am better than I thought I would be! 

I think I have gotten stronger over time we've been through together and I've been thinking of it as a little upsetting incident that anyone could go through in their life, given that there must have been the times I was overestimated. I'm trying to think it has taught me the values I should prioritize in my future endeavors. 

I believe this too shall pass because I think no one can stay sad forever just as no one can stay happy forever no matter how hard he tries. The first thing that came to my mind over the past few days, was the face of you who came to support me on the last day of 'Idol School'. I was really grateful for those familiar faces who helped me ease my nerves. 

I realized attending the show as live audiences is tough after going to a one to support my friends. I assume you all had a harder time going back home that day after standing up all day than I, who was waiting comfortably in a waiting room before the show. So thank you. 

I was upset hearing you apologizing to me for the result because I am the one to blame for choosing to be on another survival show in the first place. I also felt bad saying sorry and asking for patience from people who chose me to become happy together. 

I belatedly realized how hard you all worked for me and I felt guilty for not thinking in your shoes because I was so overwhelmed with my own feelings over the elimination. 

Honestly, I don't think I had confidence in myself even you all have been working to correct the result over the past few years. I had a seed of doubt saying what if I got eliminated because I deserved it... I can't thank you enough for believing me on my behalf and making me feel confident again. 

I got many messages congratulating my first place yesterday and today, which had me bawling. In a way, it was relieving. I thought I only announced bad news or cry whenever I had a chance to speak. I wonder if I wanted to say thank you instead or if I wanted to hear the congratulations the most. 

Anyway, I promise I'll become stronger to make many things to celebrate about and I won't let you down as you put your trust in me. Have a good weekend, and don't skip your meals. So the one thing I wanted to say the most is: 

Sorry for the belated greetings. Thank you for making me the first place my loves, and I'm sorry I only learned this after all this time." 

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Reyben425 pts Saturday, June 12, 2021 7
Saturday, June 12, 2021

So she went from literally WINNING to not even being in the group... unbelievable.


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srideout912,762 pts Saturday, June 12, 2021 0
Saturday, June 12, 2021

I just want to give her the biggest hug. I feel horrible for her.



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