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GFriend write handwritten letters to fans after leaving Source Music & Sowon says GFriend is over


GFriend have written handwritten letters to fans after leaving Source Music.

BUDDY have been wondering about GFriend's thoughts since they exited the label, and the girl group members have now spoken up with letters as follows:


"We debuted in January 2015 like a dream, met BUDDYs because of huge luck in my life, and received so much love to the point where I wondered if I should be able to receive so much. To be honest, I'm not a very confident person, so of course, I've gone through tough times. Still, in those times I had the opportunity to go one step further thanks to everyone. I know that fans said they would be happy and proud no matter what, but though I'm not sure if things have gone well or I've done well or not, I'm thankful for the time I've spent with everyone and the precious moments each day. Though I have my regrets about whether I could have done better or I couldn't see you more often, I will fill it up with even more things with not an end but a new beginning in the future. Although GFriend is officially over, it's not the end for us, so don't have a hard time. BUDDY. It's hard to convey our time together in just this letter, but like always even if I don't say everything you guys know my heart more than anyone else. I feel a little worried I can't walk down this path, but I will try my best to go thinking of BUDDYs who have always supported me.

To BUDDY, who were very surprised at this news. I'm sorry and I love you.

I will repay you with a better image."


"Hello. This is GFriend's SinB.

My heart is heavy delivering this sudden news to BUDDYs with this letter.

I contemplated for a long time about what to say and was being so careful I was leaving words out...

In the 6 years promoting as GFriend's SinB, thanks to everyone's stable support for us and because they were our motivation, we were able to receive excessive amounts of love and support so I was very happy, and I'm thankful to have been able to perform with good songs.

When I saw every letter people send, the support, and warm looks, I was able to do better and improve, and with every moment I was happy and wanted to share the good things with fans, so I think our past promotions were carried out well.

The fact that I can't keep the promise that we'd be together for a while under the name GFriend, which I've always told BUDDY, makes me so sad and I'm apologetic and regretful. Still, I know the weight of those words, and I will not let the sincerity go away lightly.

During our past promotions, we won't forget the fans' love forever. We'll remember and keep my thankful heart while slowly repaying you with our individual activities in the future.

The past 6 years' memories have been the happiest time that I wouldn't change it for anything.

Thank you to Source Music for making me who is lacking into GFriend, and

To my members and our BUDDYs, the time we spent together feels like a dream, I'm thankful, sorry, and I love you.

Thank you so much for reading this long letter, and stay healthy until the day we meet again."

Yuju -

"Hello, this is GFriend Yuju.

Although I've been expressing my heart in posts a bit, this is the first time I'm writing a letter while all these thoughts and memories are passing by me.

I worried you might be really surprised, and imagining that, my heart is heavy.

Each day I spent as a member of GFriend has been so precious thanks to everyone, and in the time I've tried to give you guys those kinds of days and work on myself, 6 years have suddenly passed. Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has cried and laughed together during the process.

You've given us such a big heart that we couldn't imagine, and slowly looking back on the past memories recently, a lot of thoughts have come to mind.

It was an even more beautiful time being together with the memebrs, and it was an honor to be able to sing and dance in front of supportive fans. Thank you for loving GFriend for all this time.

My BUDDYs, who are the most precious thing in the world to me, I won't ever forget the emotions, looks, and voices that you had while watching us come up on stage, and I will keep it in the safest place of my heart.

Thank you for protecting me and not letting me break easily though I'm not that strong, and I will show you a better image in the future so as to not end with the sadness of this ending.

Once again, I love you, thank you, and I appreciate you.

This has been GFriend."


"Hello, this is GFriend's Yerin.

It's been a long time since I left a message like this with my own handwriting, but it feels heavy because it's like this.

I've decided to leave Source Music where I was since the age of 18 to 26. I think it was possible because of the family-like members who debuted at the age of 20 and supported me until I became who I am. I think it was possible because of BUDDY who gave us so much love and Source Music family who worked harder than anyone else.

Will it happen in 6 years time? I've been through all these dreams, and I've always been loved so much that I think it was undeserved. I tried to take good care of myself and repay you with great performances.

I'm sure these times that will never come back have been times I will never forget. No matter what happens, thank you for showering me with love. I feel like I was able to come this far because of BUDDY.

I won't forget this time, and I'll try my best. Thank you for making great memories during my twenties. I love you, and I'll love you in the future too.

Thank you again to the members, BUDDY, and Source Music."


"I think this is upsetting for the fans who were looking forward to us more than ever. I always wonder, 'What kind of pretty words would make BUDDY happy?' Now I'm thinking about what kind of words will comfort BUDDY. I feel heavy writing every single word.

I'm so lucky that I can always remember and find the cheering of the fans who gave me so much strength. I wanted to become a better person because you all always gave me so much love and trusted me. Can I be loved like this? I'm not as great as BUDDY thinks. Can I enjoy this kind of gift? I've felt this way since debut. I've felt this way every moment since our promotions, fan meetings, and concerts. All of this was possible because of the fact that you guys supported us. I was really thankful that I could sing good songs, and I was happy to chime in thanks to you who recognized us. It's been the most beautiful and happy 6 years for me. That fact will never change. I wish all the best for BUDDY who I will love forever. I sincerely hope your lives will be a full of smiles rather than tears. Thank you so much for being a reliable BUDDY to GFriend. Always be healthy and happy. BUDDY, I'll pray from the bottom of my heart. Whatever I do and how I look, I'll try my best to sing in the future. I'll do my best to repay all of your fond memories. This has been GFriend. Thank you, and I love you, our BUDDY."


"Hello, this is GFriend's Umji.

I shared many things that have been a part of my daily life for 6 years, and I'm grateful and sad. Now my members and I are going through a new time.

I started off with a lot of ignorance and lack of knowledge, but it was a time of learning that made me realize so much and reminded me of so many things. Thank you so much for clapping and being happy for me in this process of growth. At the beginning of our debut, I felt like I was working hard without knowing where I was heading or what I was doing. After I had some time to look back, I could feel how hard I worked that I was on a great path, so I was able to thank and enjoy all the time and situations I faced while working.

Thank you for being the biggest reason for my heart, our fans BUDDY who I love so so much! No matter how hard I try to greet you, it hurts me to think of BUDDY who will try to find their hearts to wish us happiness, and I'm sorry I can't absorb it all together no matter how hard I try to imagine it. 

I hope that my wish to hug all BUDDY who will be hurt by this unprepared goodbye with be reached even a little bit. Thank you and thank you once again, and I will continue to be thankful. I think everything's the same, but I'm a little scared I have to adapt to many unfamiliar times. I'm going to work hard for everyone who looks at me.

Thank you so much for all the staff who worked hard for GFriend for 6 years. Most of all, our precious members who we went through so many things together with. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have experienced everything. Thank you so much. I love you.

BUDDY, once again I miss you, and I love you. I sincerely hope that you'll all be happy and free in the future. Thank you."

As previously reported, all 6 members of GFriend parted ways with Source Music after their contracts ended on May 17, and fans were caught offguard by the sudden news. Many are questioning the girl group's future after Source Music deleted their schedule and trademarked their name.

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delta_yu3,199 pts Wednesday, May 19, 2021 10
Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A couple of them actually thanked Source and staff. So I’m hoping this isn’t as dramatic as some fans want it to be lol

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

It's been a journey

best of luck to them

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