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Photos Surface of Verivery’s Hoyoung in a Fake Afro


Recently, photos have surfaced on social media of Verivery’s Hoyoung in a fake afro. The photos depict Hoyoung posing in selfies with the afro, smiling and throwing the v-hand sign.

What do you think?

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12 days ago

Sorry to say some of you are fucking over sensitive... pls admit it.. they even complain about viking braid (which does exist in viking culture) I have a natural curl hair.. (rare for asian) if I don't cut my hair for a long period of time, I will naturally have an Afro so what does makes me? New Gen these days are fucked up.. they think they are fixing what the past Gen do.. nope you are destroying more..


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truthhurts123491 pts 12 days ago 5
12 days ago

I can't speak for everyone but I actually find myself at a loss here. Not going to lie, while I find kpop idols/koreans (or any otherr ethnicity tbh) trying to emulate black people... very cringey, I don't know if that is the case here though.

1) We find issue when people try and mock us. ->I don't see this as a mocking or humiliating post. In addition to that, we are not the only ethnicity that have natural afros.

If he had the afro, painted his face darker and was doing something humiliating/mocking, or trying to speak in a certain way, then I would wholeheartedly find issue with it. But, this seems harmless here.

Honestly, I don't know. I am just tired of being required to be outraged at every little thing.

Like I was so outraged at first when BTS RM said he was good in Black English. I was so happy when Got7 Jackson didn't answer in the same manner. But, tbh we do have our own way of speaking. We code switch a lot, but amongst ourselves, just like any other ethnicity, we let down the guard.

Especially with the internet/yt, people more than likely look of videos of specific people to try and mimic or learn better. I would expect a person trying to become a rapper would start at the source. It is how it is over there. (Don't get me wrong, I love BTS, but I remembered how that irked me at first)


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