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DSP Media issues statement in response to Hyunjoo's post


DSP Media re-emphasized that Hyunjoo's accusations were false.

Recently, Hyunjoo broke her long silence after her little brother had revealed that she had been bullied by the other April members. In the post, she confirmed that she had been bullied to the point where she became suicidal. In response, Chaewon and Yena had said the statements were false, and now DSP Media has spoken up as well.

The label said, "Hello, this is DSP Media. This is our label's statement on Hyunjoo's SNS post earlier today. The post is completely one-sided and is not the objective truth. It is just a twisted statement. Hyunjoo left April five years ago, but she and her family and friends have irresponsibly damaged the hard-working April members and the label. The members and the label have already received emotional harm as well as actual harm. The members wanted to reveal the truth and to be freed from the wrong accusations, but we were worried that it would just be a repeat of irresponsible, subjective statements and that the problem would be solved, so we wanted to reveal the objective truth through a strict legal investigation. The truth will be revealed through ongoing investigations. We apologize once again for the disturbance."

What do you think will happen in the end?

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24 days ago

Now that both parties are speaking...we will see what happens. So far the aggressive attitude of the members and company doesn't reflect well. Hope companies learn that if an individual is mentally and physically weak....don't push them even more.


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24 days ago
So, in short, dsp just said "...blah blah blah how dare you to ruin our cash cow group, we are gonna sue you, f your feelings..."


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