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DAY6's Jae to stop livestreaming after 'sugar daddy' comments


DAY6's Jae will be stopping his livestreaming activities after making allegedly inappropriate comments.

During a recent live Twitch stream, Jae gathered attention for allegedly making crude remarks in a game. In a clip, he's heard saying, "This guy. He's my sugar daddy," and later on, he says, "Just look away," making his in-game character move in a way that resembles oral sex. 

Though the behavior and comments caused laughs among his friends, many Korean netizens didn't find it too funny. He previously addressed the criticisms, stating, "Honestly for me, it's just something I did with my friends and maybe this is a cultural difference, but I'll refrain from commenting on it. I really do think it's a cultural difference."

However, netizens responded, "Sugar daddy is a cultural difference? Be mindful," "It's only a problem because he's an idol," "Those dirty actions and jokes are worse than actual curse words," "Even normal citizens don't use the term sugar daddy," and more.

On March 25, Jae released an official apology on Twitter and announced he'll be ceasing all live streaming. Read his full apology below.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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themightymoron977 pts 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

his internet cliques have very different humor than knetz, to them (and probably the rest of the world) this isn't out of the ordinary, but to knetz, they're 24/7 in witch hunt mode. unfortunately it's about time they go full notice. it's horrible because jae is 100% dedicated to day6, they are his musical space, but his internet cliques are his social space that he turns to after a long day at work. it's sad that they cannot coexist together, at least this time



bobohulove783 pts 26 days ago 5
26 days ago

Wow really? So these so called fans are taking away from actual fans who enjoy watching his livestreams... Also he's not a child. So what if he makes dirty jokes? And really 💀💀💀they think sugar daddy isn't a word that ppl throw around as a joke these days?? It's really not that big of a deal....


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