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Up-and-coming Korean child actors that have a bright future


No K-Drama is complete without the little bags of talent in the form of child actors that truly steal every scene they’re in. While all child actors are just the best, there are a few faces that have been etched in the minds of K-Drama lovers for leaving the most lasting impressions. A lot of our favorite actors now started off as child actors. Here’s to hoping that these bright and beautiful child actors, too, will shine in the industry for a long, long time. For this list, we will be categorizing actors under the age of 15 as child actors.

Kim Kang Hoon

Kang Hoon started his acting career at the young age of 5 years old and is 11 years old now. Within this period of time, he has appeared in over 18 dramas and 6 films. He’s most popularly known for his role as Pil Gu in ‘When the Camellia Blooms’, the younger version of Choi Eugene in ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and Kim Chan in ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ Besides being incredibly talented, his free spirit and open heart reflect in his work as well.

Jeong Hyun Jun

Born in 2011, Hyun Jun began his career as a child model in 2015, after which acting opportunities followed. Hyun Jun is best known for his performance as Park Da Song in the Academy Award-winning film ‘Parasite’ for which he won the 2020 Gold Derby Award and the 26th Screen Actors Guild Award. He also played the widely appraised role of young Lee Gon in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch.’ The same year, he also appeared in ‘Dr. Romantic 2’ as Lee Dong Woo’s son. Hyun Jun played young Cha Hoon in ‘Vagabond,’ young Choi Joon Woo in ‘At Eighteen,’ young Baek Yi Hyun in ‘Nokdu Flower’ and young Oh Jung Woo in ‘Through the Waves.’ Needless to say, this kid is going places.

Moon Woo Jin

At the tender age of 11, Moon Woo Jin is one of the most desired and popular child actors in South Korea. If you’re a fan of K-Dramas, chances are that you’ve seen him in almost every one of your favorite dramas. Having cultivated an incredible skill for acting and a sense for reading emotions, Woo Jin has appeared in over 24 dramas and the mega-hit sequel to ‘Train to Busan,’ ‘Peninsula.’ Most notably, he played the younger version of Moon Kang Tae in ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,’ young Kang Hyun Min/Kang Shin Jae in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch.’ Cha Hoon at 11 years old in ‘Vagabond’ and young Lee Young Joon in ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’. He’s all set to appear as young Jung Ba Reum in ‘Mouse,’ scheduled for 2021.

Choi Yoo Ri

With one of the most expressive faces in the industry, Choi Yoo Ri has appeared in over 16 dramas and 2 films! You might remember her most recently from ‘Itaewon Class’ as the adorable Oh Hye Won. She brightens up the screen whenever she’s on it and fans, both in Korea and worldwide, are placing a lot of hope on her future. She has also appeared in dramas like ‘My First First Love’ as young Song Yi, ‘Class of Lies’ as Park Yoo Sun, and ‘My Strange Hero’ as Kim Ha Yeon.

Lee Han Seo

Who doesn’t remember little Choi Ae Ra from ‘Fight For My Way’? Even with her short stint on screen, Lee Han Seo left a wholly poignant and memorable impression on viewers, enough to remember her whenever the drama is brought up. With impeccable comedic timing, especially for a child and the brightest smile, Han Seo has acted in over 14 dramas and 5 films. She also had a major role to play in Jin’s story arc for BTS World. Everyone loves her and she gives back with her amazing talent!

Heo Jung Eun

At 13 years old, Heo Jung Eun stole the hearts of fans worldwide when she appeared as young Seo Dal Mi in ‘Start-Up.’ Her expressiveness and delivery of dialogue as well as the passion with which she acts simply evokes awe. She has also played young Tan Ya in ‘Arthdal Chronicles,’ young Yoon Yi Seo in ‘100 Days My Prince,’ young Go Ae Shin in ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ and Princess Young Eun in ‘Love in the Moonlight,’ among other splendid roles. She’s growing up elegantly and fans cannot wait to see what plans she has for the future.

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Friday, December 4, 2020
Moon Won Jin and Lee Han Seo amaze me every time i watch them. But Im missing Oh Ah-rin here. She did an amazing job in The Last empress.


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Friday, December 4, 2020

they are so cute and adorable



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