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Netizens say this response from YG Entertainment regarding their artist's dating news was the most legendary


Netizens have reposted an old official statement from YG Entertainment that still remains as a "legend".

Following the dating scandal of Ravi and Taeyeon, netizens looked to the past to see what other scandals have surfaced online and how their respective companies dealt with it.

Among the many companies, YG Entertainment was revealed to have been exceptionally lenient and "extremely funny" in their response to their artist's scandal.

To the news of Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin's dating rumors, YG Entertainment's official response was (as written in the headlines):

"Taeyang cannot be contacted as of now. But if the dating news is true, then we will congratulate him."

This "cool" response by YG Entertainment had netizens rolling on the floor, and they wrote comments such as:

"LOLLLLL it's even funnier since they did end up marrying lol"

"The best"

"So cool...they are literally treating it like it's some neighbor or close friend's affairs lol"

"I can't, this is so good"

"It was Min Hyo Rin so they were cool with it too hahaha"

"YGE is well-known not to care about their artists' private lives haha"

"LOLLLLLL congratulate them LOLLL"

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Atjoep126 pts 26 days ago 3
26 days ago

They should've included YG's response when TOP had dating scandal. YG was like "it's about time he has a girlfriend"


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Dr_Little706 pts 26 days ago 1
26 days ago

LOL it is the first time that it sounds like the grown up answered it, and not the kindergarten teacher. LOL! I really miss the times when fun was allowed and not constantly being policed by 12 year olds!


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