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Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Girl Group Songs

Girl groups. I love'em and you love'em. As far as I'm concerned there can never be too many of them. But that doesn't mean every release from a girl group is a homerun. You shouldn't be afraid to admit your faves discography is not perfect. And that's what we are here to do today. 

Here are ten girl group songs that aren't anything to write home about but we still love them anyway.

10. Nature "Oppsie (My Bad)"

"Oopsie My Bad" had kpop fans agreeing Oops that was your bad. But you know what? The whole song production and music video aesthetic was so "out there" that we decided to take it and bump it anyway.

9. Stellar "UFO"

"Elevate me up to the sky". One can't deny this is one catchy song but this entry is more at fault for its music video which featured our lead character falling in love with a robot boyfriend. Cheesy as hell but we can't resist its charm.

8. Weki Meki "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend "

If any one song ever had me thinking "how many cooks were actually in the kitchen" it's this underwhelming meal. It's not horrible. But a debut should have been a tad more focused than this. Still, theres something very redeeming about Yoojung threatening "I don't like your girlfriend ".

7. Girls Generation "I Got a Boy"

The original "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend ". SNSD went and played f(x) dress up and brought some sass and bad ass just to tell us "I Got a Boy". Well that's expected isn't it? Your rich, famous, and beautiful. Production? All over the place. Someone must like it though cause its their highest viewed mv on YouTube. 

6. Momoland "Thumbs Up"

More of a misdemeanor than a brutal crime. "Thumbs Up" suffers from just being more of the same. By this point the group and the song writers were on autopilot. Even the dance choreography was below average. Still there were far worse offerings in 2019.

5. Red Velvet "Rookie"

The epitome of infamy. Red Velvet 's crowning achievement in absurdity might be the #1 contender for "well it actually grew on me after the 100th listen" title. Even the mv has no idea what's happening here. Yet this song has a strong cult following among kpop fans.

4. Twice "TT"

I already know what you're thinking and yes "TT" made the cut. If you'll just get past the great mv and the catchy chorus and see that we have here a group of college aged girls singing and acting like infants you should have no problem seeing the cringe overload. A good song that should have been given to Busters instead of Twice.

3. T-ara "Yayaya"

A touch of gibberish mixed with a ton of cultural appropriation and you have the perfect recipe for a disaster. Yet it's admittedly a fun disaster. Catchy as hell and damn near impossible not to do the shoulder dance on every Go It Go and every Do It Do. But why does this exist?

2. BlackPink "Whistle"

Following the great "Boombayah" this one was a let down. "Make'em whistle like a missile " sounded like it was stolen from a Kat William's stand up comedy routine but all is well cause Rose does what she does best. Saves the song. Blackpink's reigning MVP helps "Whistle" stay a top notch guilty pleasure instead of an unmemorable skipper. 

1. Crayon Pop "Bar Bar Bar"

You've heard it all before. All the hate. All the negativity. All the jealousy. But every single one of you have gone out your way to bump this more than once. "Bar Bar Bar" for all its gimmicks and all it's going against the grain has become a historic moment in the legend that is kpop. We all know it doesn't belong with the elites but it's there because no matter what we try to tell ourselves, we just cannot deny its charm.

What songs from girl groups do you enjoy but deep down know are not that great? 

  2. Crayon Pop
  3. Girls' Generation
  4. Momoland
  5. Nature
  6. Red Velvet
  7. Stellar
  8. T-ara
  9. TWICE
  10. Weki Meki
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quarkie Allkill VIP 22,475 pts Tuesday, October 27, 2020 0
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Guilty pleasures are stupid. Just like what you like. Who gives a shit if anyone else thinks it's good?

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Andy12201785 pts Tuesday, October 27, 2020 0
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Quite a unique way of dissing the songs you don't like.

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