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SHINee's Key has a blast doing things he wasn't allowed to do in the military w/ BTOB's Changsub on 'V Live' + Minho shows up in the comments once again


Back on October 9, SHINee's Key greeted fans with a very special 'V Live' broadcast, commemorating his official return from his mandatory military service!

During this broadcast, Key spent time talking about his military service experience, listing out all of the food that he wanted to eat while living in the military base, and doing things that he wasn't allowed to do under his supervisors!

Key's good friend BTOB's Changsub, who served in the same military base as Key, also joined in as a guest. 

First, Key listed out the top 5 food that he wanted to eat the most during his military service - #1 being sashimi, #2 being yeopgi tteokbokki, #3 being honey chicken, #4 being grilled pork belly, and #5 being ice cream. Then, Key and Changsub decided to spend some time doing mukbang of all of those foods!

However, the twist came when Key, who is normally bad with spicy food, nearly lost his sense of taste from the spicy yeopgi tteokbokki!

As time went on, both Key and Changsub could not handle the extreme spiciness of the tteokbokki, their tongues getting all twisted up from the spice attack. In the end, Key wasn't able to eat the other foods he wanted to eat like sashimi and grilled pork belly, and the 'Baskin Robbins' ice cream melted into puddles after a while. 

After spending some time eating and chatting, Key talked about one thing that he desperately wanted to do which he wasn't allowed to do in the military - putting his hands in his pockets!

To enjoy his freedom from the military to the fullest, Key and Changsub got up on their chairs to pose with their hands in their pockets:

Later, when it came time for Key to answer fans' questions, one fan asked who he would rather have as his superior in the military between Taemin and Minho. After complaining a great deal, Key finally chose Taemin as the lesser evil. 

This was when the real Minho appeared in the comments, asking, "What????? Why is it not me??????......... Taemin as your superior?....."

Previously, Minho was also seen commenting furiously during Taemin's comeback 'V Live' broadcast, leaving adoring comments. Minho is currently carrying out his mandatory military service in the marine corps. 

When it came time for Minho to "turn his phone in" and return to his duties, Minho said, "I really need to turn my phone in now... ha... Do a good job the rest of the broadcast, and congratulations on your discharge!!!! Take care of your health!!!"

Seeing the comment, Key demonstrated just how "touched" he was by Minho's encouragement by swiping away tears(?) with some decorative flowers. 

For even more laughs from Key's special broadcast featuring guest Changsub, watch the full replay clip below!

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tristanah4,355 pts Saturday, October 10, 2020 0
Saturday, October 10, 2020

Our fashion icon is back. Key looks so good and seems unchanged. I can't wait for Minho's comeback party as well and SHINee's reunion.



pink-aca1,777 pts Saturday, October 10, 2020 0
Saturday, October 10, 2020

Seriously, I'm laughing while reading this article. 🤣



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