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Chinese Media outlet blames the Korean media for the recent BTS '6.25' remark controversy in China


The Chinese tabloid media outlet The Global Times has recently claimed that the Korean media are at fault for the controversy over the remarks made by BTS

Hu Xijin, the Global Times editor-in-chief, stated, "The Korean media reported the Chinese netizens' responses in a sensationalistic manner. They did not respect the rights of the Chinese netizens to express their opinions."

He also stated, "Americans may feel pleasant about BTS's acceptance speech, but many Chinese will naturally feel uncomfortable with their remarks. Chinese internet users openly express discontent on the web, but very few mainstream Chinese media outlets reported or commented on the issue."

Hu Xijin also stated that the Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is even refraining from making comments on the issue.

However, many Korean netizens are pointing out that the attitude of the editor-in-chief is diverting any blame from The Global Times.

The editor-in-chief claimed that only a few media outlets reported or commented on the issue. However, the Global Times is among these media outlets that reported and commented on this issue. The Global Times is one the largest media outlets in China. After making the reports, Global Times even deleted the article from their site.

The Global Times provoked Chinese internet users with provocative reports even during the THAAD conflict between Korea and China.

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Friday, October 16, 2020
Old China: Confucius
Modern China: Confusion


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Friday, October 16, 2020

so now they going to do the blame game? just come out and apologize to BTS for creating a scandal when they haven't even done anything wrong


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