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The two types of opinions that is popularly discussed among fans when it comes to idol groups disbanding


Recently, there has been a discussion on an online community over a topic that has been popular among Kpop idol fans for a long time.

Since Kpop idol groups popped up in the music industry, fans have always been divided into two sides as they discuss throughout the generations. The topic of the discussion is whether fans should stay by the idol groups' side and be against them disbanding or agree to the disbandment of the group for the betterment of both the artists and the fans.

This has been an ongoing discussion among many Kpop idol fans throughout the years. There is an equal amount of fans standing on each side of the opinion.

One type of fan is the type who remains with the group forever, no matter how long the idol group has not promoted together. Sometimes when an idol group's contract is over, some of the members renew their contracts with the agency while some members decide to leave the agency. This in turn makes it difficult for the idol group to promote as a whole. Although the idol group did not officially declare they have disbanded, the members are often seen promoting individually. 

The fans who decide to support the group state they will wait for their idol group to make a comeback as a group in the indefinite future. These fans are known as the loyal type. These fans mostly want the name of the group to be sustained and have the fandom a home that the members can always come back to.

However, there are the fans who stand opposed to this. These are the fans who claim that it is unfair for the fans to keep waiting indefinitely. They state that just maintaining the group name is meaningless and is just keeping an empty shell. This type of fan prefers to cleanly declare their disbandment so that the fans can move on.

This issue has been around the Kpop culture for a long time. Usually, fans within the same fandom argue over the topic. While some fans state that the group is disbanded in reality because they have not promoted in years, other fans state that the group is not disbanded since there was no official announcement of it.

This topic has appeared once again, as Korean fans and netizens give their two cents in the argument.

Netizens' Commented

"The choice of staying with a group that hasn't promoted in ages is torture. It's better if the group just officially announce they disbanded, then the fans can move on."

"Yeah, I think choice two is better since so many fans drop out of the fandom anyway if they get tired of waiting."

"Choice one would be the true fans who stand by the group and support them even if they individually promote."

"I think it's actually really hard to promote as a group if some members leave the company. But I still have hopes that might change. So number 1."

"I think after experiencing being part of a fandom, I think choice number 1 is best. You still can support them individually."

"I think It's hard to keep waiting without a definite time that they will come back. So number 2."

What are your thoughts on this matter? Tell us in the comments below!

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cabbagejuice3,144 pts Friday, September 25, 2020 7
Friday, September 25, 2020

honestly i understand why they dont officially disband, but it would be nice if they did after they all leave the company. many ggs have done this and claim theyre gonna promote again when the time is right but the more time they spend doing solo activities the less likely they will reunite (the only gg who succeeded was brown eyed girls). ive learned once they claim this, its just over so i dont expect anything from them, but its sad for other fans who desperately cling to the "hiatus" status. i just wish they disbanded, then in the future if they rly wanna promote as a group again it can be considered a reunion


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pink_oracle11,117 pts Friday, September 25, 2020 4
Friday, September 25, 2020

Honestly, people who talk about waiting for the group's comeback when they've obviously disbanded seem emotionally damaged to me.


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