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[TW] Netizens are shocked as surveillance footage of a 41-year-old Korean man beating his 21-year-old Russian wife is revealed


[Trigger Warning]

Recently, Korean netizens have been shocked as surveillance footage of a man beating his wife was revealed.

The man in the footage was arrested by police for indiscriminately assaulted his wife because she was with another man. According to police reports, a Korean man (hereafter Mr.A) assaulted his Russian wife (hereon Mrs.B) multiple times at a restaurant in Busan on August 16th around 7:30 PM KST.

Mr. A went out to look for his wife when he found her to be with another man. That is when Mr. A began to severely beat his wife.

Mr. A is known to be 41-years-old and his wife is 20 years younger than him at age 21.

Recently, more footage of the abuse has been revealed to the public bringing further shock to netizens.

In the footage, Mr.A is seen kicking Mrs.B in the face. He is seen grabbing her by the hair and hitting and kicking her numerous times. 

The force of the blow is so great that Mrs.B falls backward and she wasn't able to properly stand up after. 

It has been revealed by police that Mrs.B has been seriously injured as she suffers from serious injuries including a concussion. She has been moved to the hospital for treatment but has since been discharged. She is currently receiving out-patient while she is being kept separated from her husband.

The police are currently investigating Mr.A and will further investigate the case.

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booitsjwu2,678 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 30
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Why did no one stop him from beating her up? Everyone just sat there eating their dinner while she got kicked in the head?


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iamdorathexplora862 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 5
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

If this happened at a restaurant, then a lot of people must have saw it. Wasn't there security or something? Also, what does the article mean by with another man. Was she talking with another man, or was she in a relationship with another man? Either way, why tf would he just start hitting her? I don't think that there's anything wrong with an age gap, but isn't the man abusing his power?


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