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BTS fans ask for better and fair treatment to Seokjin (Jin) with a truck project


Fans of BTS, sent a truck to protest and demand fair treatment for vocalist and visual of the group, Jin.

The truck was sent early morning on the 25th August, to freely move around Big Hit and other popular locations in Seoul. Notable, it mentions Jin's achievements and his dreams and is said to be exclusively the work of "INTERNATIONAL SEOKJINNIES."

This was a reaction to the recent BTS Exclusive English Song Dynamite, which has broken many records and is set to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This high energy song features BTS in their element, but ominously misses Jin, an integral member.

As soon as Dynamite released, many were disappointed to see Jin had very few singing lines and doesn't appear until almost the end of the song.And he was the only member to not have a solo set or individual screen time of his own. Parts distribution and individual set soon took over Korean trends and #JinDeservesBetter took over the worldwide trends. The EDM/Acoustic version completely removes Jin from the song. These sentiments echoed through all platforms including youtube, instagram, facebook and Bighit owned weverse.

This backlash was very much expected as ARMY have already been asking for better treatment since the release of ON, where Jin was not a part of the dancebreak. This part was specifically used for promotions by BigHit. Other issue like Jin hidden in the binding of many merch content as well as lack of zoom in or lack of focus on Jin while performances were also the reason for this huge outcry.

The truck video mentions Moon's achievements like 107 #1s on itunes worldwide, the 5th Greatest BoyBand Song of All Time by Rolling Stones and Jins dreams of being an actor. It ends with #BighitBeFairToJin.

This has caused a lot of chaos and mixed reactions from fans of BTS.

While many opined trucks are the most effective way to get fans voices heard, others opined it might humiliate Jin and BigHit. It also turned into an inter fandom fight on twitter where many made blocklists of the persons supporting the idea.

Vehicles have been used as a means of protest or criticism in various parts of the world including Korea and China.

This wasn't the 1st truck for a BTS member. In the past, member Jimin's fans also demanded action against his anti-fans and trolls on various social media. Other instances of sending truck protects include the ones sent for GOT7 and as recently for Blackpink Jisoo.

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blckpnklovr69 pts Tuesday, August 25, 2020 20
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Army s are so weird. I am not a Bts fan but I like Jin and kept up with him for 4 years. I thought he was the ace of the group because he was so so perfect in talents and wisdom and personality. I was always so sad he only got few lines in songs despite being the best singer but I didn't think too much about it, I know you need connections in kpop. And also because I never heard anyone fight it. I now realize how normalized mistreatment was and every army was letting injustice slide by for so many years. I thought that if the people who loved him, army, didn;t say anything, it wasn't a problem, But after I read the comments below saying he is being humiliated, I realize that armys are the reason he doesn't get any lines. If they fought since early on, this wouldn't have lasted so long. Do you know what is more humiliating than a truck highlihgintg your achievements? Your fans telling you that you deserve nobody standing up for equality and that you desrve nothing but few seconds in evry song. Jin deserves a better fandom. I stanned another band and when this happened, fans made a ruckus until the company surrendered and gave every member equal lines. I opened my eyes recently. Thank you to the fans who showed the world how amazing Jin is and that Jin fans will show the world he is worth it while "armys" are hiding behind their pillows being embarrassed. I'm sure Jin is so happy with you all who fought for him and the ones who try to stop these, I am now so sure you are the reason Jin has insecurities about his talents and what he deserves. Keep it up real ARMYS who love Jin!!


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Lemonmini86 pts Tuesday, August 25, 2020 12
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

To the people who think this is humiliating, it's more humiliating for Jin to not have a role in bts or ot7 music videos. Hes an artist not an entertainer or caretaker. Atleast some people care enough to fight for our jinnie ❤❤


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