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Girls' Generation's YoonA helps the homeless with 'Big Issue' magazine before 30th birthday


Girls' Generation's YoonA is helping the homeless with 'The Big Issue' magazine before her 30th birthday.

On May 15, YoonA sat down for an interview with 'Big Issue' after shooting a relaxed, neutral concept photo shoot for the magazine, which is known to aid the homeless or those at risk for homelessness. The Girls' Generation member expressed, "Every year around my birthday on May 30, I always hold a birthday party with fans, but this time, I wasn't able to because of the circumstances. I was wondering what I could do instead, and I felt like doing something meaningful, so I thought of 'The Big Issue'."

She continued, "I'm the type to think about what I'm able to do and what I can put my heart into. I think more love comes from sharing. My fans will do good things under my name, and I'm very thankful for that. I think my fans and I share a type of energy that has us living with good hearts."

The full interview with YoonA will be featured in 'The Big Issue's upcoming issue.

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2ne1dara41,168 pts Friday, May 15, 2020 0
Friday, May 15, 2020

I know that this article should be positive but akp ruined it with that malicious double-meaning title, with that ugly photo as cover of the article and also with lack of positive information in the article.


sorry sones but Let's be honest

The cover photo of this article is really a disaster, Yoona's face looks chuby (it is the same as saying ugly and old), and looks unemployed with that poor makeup, ugly clothes and ugly messy hairstyle. she usually always works with bad photographers, bad makeup artists and stylists, she needs to choose better professionals.

it shouldn't surprise us that akp chose her ugly photo, if yoona had 1000 photos where she looks beautiful and fabulous in 999 photos, but she looks ugly (chubby + old) in 1 photo, AKP will choose that one ugly photo as the cover of the article.

Then to ruin the article further, akp mentions in the title "... before 30th birthday", this has double meaning, akp's inner really wants to tell her: " You're OLD woman and hope everyone knows it".


Akp did not mention in the title that YoonA donated the entire amount she would have received for being the cover model for 'Big Issue' Magazine.

Akp did not mention in the title that Yoona increased the sales of that magazine.

Akp does not mention in the article that she is an activist and philanthropist.

Akp didn't mention all those positive things abt yoona in her titles or articles, why?, its because that would only make more people know her more and start loving and respecting her which would make akp's female bias overshadowed by Yoona again. lol

I know that they accuse me of being an anti yoona anti snsd, but I am not an anti, I only tell the truth of each one of them (snsd), Each one take cares their beauty or neglects their beauty (Yoona is the most beautiful of the group but she is the one who most neglects her beauty since 2015 becoming even so chubby ugly which makes her look older and tired, sorry sones but that's the reality), each of them have built their careers and reputations, either cleanly (without scandals) or dirty (with scandals), thus Do not hate me sones, I will only say things as they are, no more and no less. Just like now, I tell the truth about how some akp's writer treats her so bad, some of her writers hate Yoona so much that one of them wrote a yellowish article accusing her and other famous female idols of being overrated and blah blah blah~ when in reality Yoona is the most multi-talented member and the most hard-working of snsd therefore Yoona is also the most successful, the most popular and the most awarded member of snsd. ( Referring us to real awards, and global or general popularity), yoona is not overrated, the true overrated in snsd is other member.

"that real overrated snsd member" is so overrated that even the official snsd's twitter account administrator always trying to help her gain more popularity keeps her month after month for almost all the last years in its header and profile photo ignoring all other members. Today is sunny's birthday and everyone hopes that the official snsd twitter account administrator will celebrate it putting SUNNY's photo in its header and profile, this is her birthday!, but the administrator did not. We will see how that administrator celebrates Yoona's birthday.



IMakeMyPoint590 pts Friday, May 15, 2020 0
Friday, May 15, 2020

AKP, you missed out a very crucial piece of information.

The Big Issue is a magazine that aids the homeless or those at risk of homelessness by helping them earn legitimate income as they sell them at subway stations. By having an interview and photo-shoot with this magazine, she increase the sales of the magazine and thus, directly helps these homeless people by increasing income for them.

Angel Yoona is the awesome.



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