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Seventeen members master using 'nicknames' on 'Weverse' after one day + fans dying from laughter


It's been one day since Seventeen's official 'Weverse' platform launched back on March 17, and it's safe to say that the members have mastered the use of 'nicknames'!

According to fans, some of the members began obsessing about how to change one's nickname after creating a user profile as soon as the app launched:

S.Coups: I wanna change it too..
Seungkwan: Can we change our nicknames too? Ask Carats, that's what we should do.

S.Coups (nickname = Choi Sae Roi): Why can't I change it?
Wonwoo (n = You can change it): Click the dot dot in the top right.
S.Coups (n= Choi Sae Roi): Still writing...
S.Coups (n = Choi Sae Roi): How did you do it..?

S.Coups (n = Wonwoo): Hello, I'm Wonwoo.
Wonwoo (n = Leader): Hoshi did you sleep during lessons?
Woozi (n = Kwon Hoshi Horanghae Stop): This is fun, changing nicknames.
Hoshi (n = The eye of the tiger): What if you can't use your actual name anymore after you keep changing nicknames? Or does that not matter?

DK (n = Mister DK): [In response to Wonwoo (n = Leader)] Hyung you're not the leader.

DK (n = Do Sae Roi): [Recites Park Sae Roi's lines from 'Itaewon Class'].

Mingyu (n = Kim CEo): [Recites line from 'Crash Landing on You'].
S.Coups (n = Executive Leader): You're copying.

S.Coups (n = Choi Geun Won [from 'Itaewon Class']): Father...
Mingyu (n = Kim Ga [from 'Itaewon Class']): Do Sae Roi bought a building?
S.Coups (n = Choi Geun Won [from 'Itaewon Class']): This is enough for me.

S.Coups (n = Security Director for Kim CEO): CEO-nim, your schedule for today is practice after dinner.
Mingyu (n = Kim CEO): Alright.
Mingyu (n = Kim CEO): We'll have whatever the Security Director prefers for dinner.

Wonwoo (n = Leader): Stop. I'm cringing.

DK (n = Woozi is Mine): Woozi is mine (heart).

Woozi (n = Hey DK): Go away.

It looks like these Seventeen members have adjusted to 'Weverse' like it were their own backyard all along, and fans are dying from laughing so hard at their antics!

Some commented, "And now the fans are competing with one another to have funnier nicknames kekekeke", "Wow they must all really love 'Itaewon Class' kekekeke", "Kings of assimilating kekekeke", "Is it me or do all the male idols watch 'Itaewon Class' kekeke", "OMG I wouldn't have known we could change nicknames if it weren't for Seventeen kekekeke", "Is it me or did none of the actual Big Hit groups know about this until today kekekeke", "The fans are going crazy right now lol, Seventeen fans are all seriously comedians kekekeke", and more!

Have you joined Seventeen's official 'Weverse' yet?

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musiclovey241 pts Wednesday, March 18, 2020 0
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Glad to see that they're having so much fun in Weverse. Fans should embrace this moment, interacting more with them rather than complaining. i refer to those who has been selfishly ask the members not to be active in Weverse :-(



quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,394 pts Wednesday, March 18, 2020 2
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I know a lot of people are pissed they are using it, but they are clearly having a ball.


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