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The front-man's impact: BTS Jimin was mentioned by famous acts and trended around the world during iHeart Radio JingleBall.


BTS Jimin, known as the front-man inBTSand recently known as the South Korea K-pop front-man, live up to his name as he become a hot topic during iHeart Radio Jingleball.

One of the most noticeable event was BTS Jimin being mentioned by Lizzo during her performance. The American singer, rapper and song writer said "Just think of me as Jimin from BTS" and received loud cheers from the audience. Lizzo was caught by surprised with how loud the cheer she get from mentioning BTS Jimin's name. This event was shared by KIIS FM before it was quoted by Noelle Devoe and netizens. Lizzo also quoted the tweet with "I 💜 this". After the cute moment, fans trended #PretendLizzoIsJimin on Twitter

BTS Jimin was seen on Twitter trend in both US and around the world with over 1 million mentions. He was seen trended in 32 countries

BTS Jimin trended in 32 different countries (Cr to @SuperStar_Jimin and @MyPrecious_JM)

However this is not the first time Lizzo talked about BTS Jimin. Back on May, she was spotted to quote one of BTS Jimin's fan-made video. In the quote, she mentioned Quenlin Blackwell, a well-known YouTuber who uploads both beauty and comedy videos.

During red carpet, fans noticed how most of the reporters there keep on calling BTS Jimin's name to look at their camera. One of the reporter was seen to zoom straight into BTS Jimin's face while the other one gained spotlight when he said "Jimin and the group". 

BTS Jimin, the front-man being called endlessly by reporters and quoted as "Jimin and the group" plus the moment when the reporter zoom to his face.

One of BTS Jimin famous fans from Philippines, Arci Munoz was spotted attending the show and uploaded several clips on her official Instagram account. 

Clip recorded by Arci Munoz and uploaded on her official Instagram. A fan translated what she said and shared it on Twitter.

BTS Jimin is also known for having one of the most supportive fans around the world and this time his well known fan base from China or JIMINBARCHINA planned a tour truck to show support for BTS Jimin during iHeart Radio Jingleball. The tour truck received a lot of positive feedback from fans and they were seen to enjoy the moment they saw the truck.

BTS Jimin's popularity is so huge it went above and beyond expectation. As expected from the man who recently crowned as the "2019 King of K-pop" and the "2019 Face of K-pop".

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Talented_Jimin33 pts Sunday, December 8, 2019 1
Sunday, December 8, 2019

Being recognized by General public including celebrities is not an easy mission. Especially When you’re recognized because of your talent but not your scandals or your appearance, it’s extremely hard. General public are not fans, they are very fair and unbiased. The most successful achievement of an Artist is being recognized by them. Jimin did this with all of his talent, his nonstops efforts, extremely hard work and strong determination. A lot of people from General public who love and bias Jimin became ARMYs. That’s why we call Jimin as BTS’s recruiting fairy.


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jhopes-shadow4,949 pts Sunday, December 8, 2019 1
Sunday, December 8, 2019

Jimin caught my attention the most during the iHeartRadio performance. He looked absolutely stunning that day.


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