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X1 members also revealed to have returned home to their families in light of their hiatus


According to media outlet 'TV Report' on November 21, members of the 'Produce X 101' project group X1 have also returned home to their families, with no more schedules listed for the group in the immediate future. 

Previously, media outlets reported that the members of IZ*ONE have returned home to their families, shortly following the group's decision to postpone their 1st full album comeback. 

While most of the X1 members have gone home to their families in light of their temporary hiatus, CJ ENM will maintain X1's shared dormitory for the time being while discussing the group's future plans. 

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ad19992 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

I think it's time to make a change in SK Ent Ind.

All fandoms should put wars aside and unite They are the only ones who can make a change, fighting for artists's rights : fair contracts , fair treatment, protection against wrongful dismissal (and big compensation if they're fired with no legal reason) and also fighting against haters&bullies&scandal makers, no matter if they're ordinary netizens, journalists or some celebrities



mipcy1,399 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

am I the only one curious how the judges of pd think about this situation. I mean they were there, they saw the talents of these kids and probably knew something was up when clearly more talented ones didnt even make it in top ten. Or maybe they are aware of the manipulation from the start? It's so weird how none of them havent speak up about it yet.



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