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Netizens criticize the press on its attitude towards X1


Netizens, whether or not they support disbanding X1, are criticizing the press over their attitude toward the group. In the short video clip below, one of the pressmen shouts out "Can you wave hands for us?" As the group didn't respond to the request, his colleague made a comment "Wow, no one waved." in a sneering way. 

Some comments include: 

"I'm sure they would have come up with another ridiculous article if they actually waved upon the request." 

"The group should disband to suffer less from the negativity like this."

"The way they speak is just so demeaning."

After the flood of comments, the initial video uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the media with the said voices is now edited with the background music. 

What do you think?

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2 days ago

Korean press is typically not very professional and the ones who actually are professional usually report on issues of far greater importance than kpop which most of korea doesn't think is very important.


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2 days ago

If some of you have seen the photos from fansites, you could see how sad they look like here. some members were on the edge of tears, some are visibly stressed and some are trying their best to keep up a happy face despite all the controversies. please, whatever you say, be nice and polite, it affects them too. an idol's life is incredibly hard, we don't need to make it harder by calling for their disbandment or treating them like this. whatever happens, we should look out for both X1 and IZ*ONE - all the members are going through a hard time now.



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