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Possible penalty for Mnet's 'Produce x 101' alleged vote manipulation revealed


The possible penalty for Mnet's 'Produce x 101' alleged vote manipulation has been revealed.

On October 17, the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) revealed fines may be imposed on Mnet for vote manipulation on the show. The KCSC stated, "We're considering the issue of a show claiming to be a national voting audition program deceiving viewers as a grave issue. We may be able to impose a heavy sanction or a penalty based on Clause 1 of Article 1 of the Broadcast Act. We have decided to hear opinions regarding the issue, and we'll make a decision after the results of the ongoing police investigation."

As a network, Mnet can be fined anywhere from 10 million Won ($8,490.30 USD) to 30 million Won ($25,470.89 USD) according to the Enforcement Decree of the Broadcast Act. The network can also receive a "heavy sanction," which is "a correction, rectification, or suspension of the relevant broadcast program or commercial" or "disciplinary action against the person in charge of the programming or the person related to the relevant broadcast program or commercial."

Police are still investigating vote rigging and manipulation allegations against 'Produce x 101', which produced the project group X1', and have already conducted search and seizures to obtain evidence. They're currently investigating whether producers manipulated the votes in exchange for bribes. 

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Nicole33593,723 pts Thursday, October 17, 2019 1
Thursday, October 17, 2019

25k USD isn’t anything to them. Hopefully they’ll be able to impose some other sanctions on them that will hit them harder. And I hope nobody will be dumb enough to pay to vote on one of their shows in the future.


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mystikk1813 pts Thursday, October 17, 2019 1
Thursday, October 17, 2019

Even if X1 disbanded, it's not fair for the ones who got in the group for actual talent. It sucks that when the members are revealed to the public, they most likely have to leave the group due to the backlash that will be received by the public. This isn't an easy fix. If those members end up leaving the group what does that mean for the rest of X1? Go on and hope for the best?? Or no one leaves but are still criticized for the next 5 years that a couple of these people in X1 were bought in. See Mnet is probably theeee most dramatic network in Korea. If they just left shit alone, everything would be ok. You see how the 1st and 2nd season did so well because the public chose the members individually. And we don't even know if that is true. In the end Mnet is just money hungry. There goes fucking up the boys lives forever and anyone else from the previous seasons. At least for YG and his program, his only issue was that the CEOs of the trainees wouldn't agree on a long contract🤷‍♀️ which was pretty stupid because that group YG would've debuted would be very famous by now. Now any trainee survival show that will air will always be doubted.


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