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Posted by Manika182,492 pts Saturday, September 14, 2019

BTS Maknae Line teasing fans with their tweets


The members of BTS are well-known for their jaw-dropping duality on stage. Time and again we have seen them switch from adorable cinnamon rolls to sexy studs within instants.

But this duality of theirs' isn't just limited on cameras. BTS members are equally hot off-stage and maknae line has proven so by some of their nice yet naughty tweets this year.

Starting withBTS V aka our winter bear Kim Taehyung, who posted this gorgeous, shirtless, after-shower selca of himself with a completely unrelated caption.

The caption literally translates to, "I also like RM Hyung." has no connection with the sexy picture. And although we all do share the same sentiment when it comes to RM, we can't help but cry more over the rudeness of this natural yet extremely hot selca.

BTS Jungkook comes next with not just one but two videos of him swimming shirtless in a pool.

The two videos, although focusing on Jungkook trying to show-off his swimming skills, gained more attention for being sexy in the eyes of the fans.

Everyone began trying to screenshot as much of the low quality clips as they could in hopes to get to a peak of our golden boy's impeccable torso and ofcourse abs.

Latest to join in this, is our Slytherin King BTS Jimin. Merely 3 days ago, Jimin randomly logged into BTS's shared twitter account and posted some photobooth pictures of himself.

These pictures entitled by korean media as the "Four cuts of Life" show Jimin taking off his T-shirt to turn it around and wear it. Even though the captured shots only give a peak at Jimin's adonis-like body, fans all over the world turned into a mess.

Journalist Ikran stirred more fun when she tweeted, asking what picture did Jimin cover in the first shot of the second strip of pictures.

Well, whatever maybe the reason behind Jimin suddenly sharing these cute but undeniably sexy photographs, fans are still not over them.

The maknae line maybe adorable but they don't hesitate in teasing fans with tweets like these and we're all here for this.

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summerbreezy1,876 pts Sunday, September 15, 2019 2
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Nothing wrong with adult men shirtless but we're missing 4 others from this shirtless gang! I'm waiting Mr. Min, Jung, Kim & Kim!!! 🤔😎


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onmyownnnnnnnnnn151 pts Sunday, September 15, 2019 1
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Taekook akage shaking 🤭


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