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BTS V achieves another ALL KILL: Sold out clothes and toys, harnessing the power of his brand name


On September 13, Visit Seoul released their promotional videos, with Global Kings BTS as their official ambassadors on their 3rd year. Each member got their own video and theme, with BTS V fore running the "Get Away" concept.

Immediately after his video was released, fans were mesmerized by BTS V's cuteness and trendy fashion especially the robe he was wearing in the advertisement. Curious Army flocked online to search for the clothing brand only to be amused and disappointed at the same time-THE ROBE WAS SOLD OUT----AGAIN.

The item, Fear of God Plaid Flannel Robe which price ranged from $900-2000 USD was sold out in a flash, from online platforms MatchesFashion & FarFetch, and even in their official FOG website IN ALL SIZES.

Apart from selling out the high end clothing brand, BTS V's  Mattel dolls has also sold out globally. Fans attested that they were not able to get hold of the doll in Barnes and Nobles New York, and even from  the famous SM Megamall, one of the biggest and  most popular shopping malls in the Philippines, where even the BTS V DOLL ON DISPLAY was sold out. The doll is not even available for order online, based on an ARMY's testimony.

A fan testified that his perfume, Eau de Musk sold out again at a store in Atlanta even with them being the 20th in line. 

The highlight of it all, however, is the continuous reign of BTS V as the number one best seller of Fancafe toys in Japan. BTS V's toy's sales reached No.1 and it was the highest all around the world,

Japan FC have sold 4 times in one month and BTS V is always the best seller.He  has created the total sales of nearly 40M JPY!

Whether the sales of worldwide tour concert goods,perfume, clothes, BT21 or his FC  toys, BTS V has achieved the ALL KILL record on official and non-official merchandise all over the world. 

Truly, this is not just a display of the Hands of MIdas, but we can all agree that BTS V is like the god of fortune, bringing success commercially to brands even just by a short appearance or a mention of his name-a strong indication of the power of his brand!

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newsforkpop3,367 pts Sunday, September 15, 2019 0
Sunday, September 15, 2019

BTS V is a brand now, wow his power is legendary



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Sunday, September 15, 2019

BTSV himself is a Powerful Brand. If BTSV endorses a product Or if any product that gets associated with him it is bound to b soldout/bestseller product. His selling power is no joke.



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