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Lawyer comments on Yang Hyun Suk & Seungri's illegal gambling cases on 'Entertainment Weekly'


'Entertainment Weekly' covered Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri's illegal gambling trials.

On the August 30th episode, a lawyer specializing in illegal gambling cases commented, "In the case of gambling, there's no prison sentence if there is no previous conviction of the same kind. For Yang Hyun Suk, he could also be guilty of embezzlement of business funds. He has many instances of gambling, and the scale is big, so you can't exclude the possibility of a prison term."

A reporter also stated, "At the time [this past March], I talked on the phone with Seungri, and he kept sighing, making me feel like he felt wrongly accused. At the time, he denied taking trips abroad for gambling or mediating prostitution. Seungri underwent questioning on August 28, and the next day, the lawyer called and said he admitted to gambling overseas." 

Seungri's messages to his business partner concerning gambling are also gaining attention once again. The messages stated, "I won 200 million Won ($176,260 USD). You'll win big too."

In related news, Seungri underwent police questioning for illegal gambling abroad on the 28th, while Yang Hyun Suk underwent questioning yesterday. 

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hyukki-59 pts Friday, August 30, 2019 5
Friday, August 30, 2019

Something doesn't add up.

Koreans just prosecuted country's presidents (Park and Lee) in no time and they can't prosecute a couple of Kpoppers? Does that make sense to anyone?


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Msgulfkat299 pts Friday, August 30, 2019 8
Friday, August 30, 2019

The reporter said
"Seungri underwent questioning on August 28, and the next day, the lawyer called and said he admitted to gambling overseas."

Whos is the lawyer who spoke with the reporter? Is that Seungri's lawyer? Is it someone from the prosecutors office? No wonder the news is filled with bs all the time, if random lawyers are just discussing private investigations with the media


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