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Track List:

1. RED-SUN (021)

2. All Mine (Coast of Azure)

3. Night Aviation (The Interpretation of Dreams)

4. Total Eclipse (Black Out)

5. Birthday Girl ~ 19 candles

6. Kind of Cool

7. Black H●le

8. Recipe ~ for Simon

GWSN (Girls in the Park) have released their newest EP, 'The Park in the Night, Part 3.' It's the third mini-album for the girls, and third in the Park in the Night sequence as well. It's got eight brand new tracks, and no instrumentals.

On "RED-SUN (021)" they count to three in the chorus while grooving along to a tropical house beat and then they fall into EDM breaks after that. It's a fun song overall, with the usual vocal quality we expect from this band. "All Mine (Coast of Azure)" has to win the prize for one of the more compelling titles on here, even if it's more or less a straightforward pop tune. You've got the cool raps, and some pretty bridges on here. And I like the fun they bring to the chorus. It's one of those songs that I usually term "perfect pop:" familiar yet a serious bop.

And "Night Aviation (The Interpretation of Dreams)" has that kind of serious tone that I heart a lot. Rather than trying to be the next Blackpink, the girls bust out some gorgeous harmonies to put this song together. The effect is soothing and uplifting. I would have made this my title track, frankly. "Total Eclipse (Black Out)" has some layering and flourishes which makes this more just your average pop tune. I like the down pitched autotune and the pounding beat. It's super-catchy to boot. A great summer song. "Birthday Girl ~ 19 candles" is a softer offering, more soothing than "Total Eclipse." It's a different softer than "Night Aviation," as well. And they go through the emotions of a girl on the edge of 19. The vocals here are wistful and perfect for a tune like this.

We hear a return to a pounding beat on "Kind of Cool," which also has some nice bass overtones. The vocals on this one sound wistful in the chorus, even if it's more frantic and semi-drenched in EDM. "Black H●le" is a song I had high hopes for, purely based on the title. The fact that it starts with some sick raps and evolves into pretty R&B harmonies says everything. That one hit all the sweet spots for me, and it more than earned its way onto my playlist. "Recipe ~ for Simon" starts out with harmonies right off the bat. They're different than what we've heard on the other tracks on this album. Some parts sound downright playful, and it's a cute song overall.

And in case you thought I wasn't paying attention, all their title tracks have a kind of celestial synchronicity: "Puzzle Moon," "Pinky Star," and now "Red Sun." Not only that, but their MVs have certain elements in common that seem to sync up in this latest one.

I have to say, listening to this album was a good time. Even the B-sides were good. Of course, the lack of a proper ballad was the right choice for a summer release. Who wants to brood when it's time to head outside and soak up some rays? (well, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyway). These girls are awesome. And listening to "Night Aviation" really hammers the point home. The vocals there are amazing. This band is criminally underrated. Just give this one a spin and see what I'm talking about.


It begins with the line, "What is the most important to us currently?" They leave us with this thought for a few seconds before the song, and the MV starts in earnest.

We get a shot of the girls miming the lyrics, and the background set is an overgrown temple of some kind, vines twisting along the walls, with archways, a statue in the background, and even further back a gigantic tree, a callback to their previous releases. The members end up exploring a house that has similar growths of ivy on the walls. And that's where the magic starts.

Lena opens a game, and a tree starts growing on the game board. Soon they start dancing at night, a gigantic moon in the background. Miya sleeps next to an altar, SoSo wakes up behind her, and an eagle can be seen soaring over the temple in the daytime. And there are shots of the members exploring, in a hot air balloon, in a rowboat on the silvery ocean, and later, in the house, objects start floating.

It's a fantastic MV, filled with fantastic sights, and of course that catchy song. There's no red sun that can be seen here, but then again maybe that's what they're trying to find. It's still absolutely gorgeous, like the girls themselves.

I adore GWSN's concepts. Specifically, their MVs. They always manage to take you on a trip through the imagination like few other bands. And I can say I love this one just as much as the ones they've done in the past.


MV Relevance...........9

MV Production..........9

MV Concept..............9


Album Production.....9

Album Concept.........9




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