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This is my first time doing an article (im a noob) so bear with me.

BUT anyways im a huge fan of CLC and a lot of people just sleep on them like they make really good music and they are amazing dancers, they all have amazing visuals yet people don't like them cause they change concepts a lot 🙄 they are doing a sexy concept rn and they've gained a lot of new fans (cheshires) because they say that a sexy concept fits them really well. I've seen some  Netizens bashing them cause of how they change concepts and (no offense) when twice changed concepts no one complained so why do they get mad at CLC for changing concepts. TBH alot of people dont even try and learn about CLC like CLCs rapper Yeeun went to school with BTS JungKook (idk if they were friends all the videos i see of them together they seem to shy to talk to each other). sorry i got off topic I feel a lot of people will like CLC more if they actually learned about them like Black Dress and Hobgoblin really should've won an award 

all member of CLC each have their own IG accounts and they often take pictures of videos together you can find all of their IG in the official CLC IG account 


im not really to concerned with downvotes i just wanted to get this out there cause they deserve more love and attention 🤷‍♀️

  1. CLC
  2. Sorn
  3. Seunghee
  4. Yujin
  5. Seungyeon
  6. Eunbin
  7. Elkie
  8. Yeeun
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Thursday, July 11, 2019

yes clc is very talented and they deserve a lot of attention



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Thursday, July 11, 2019

I like CLC, but yeah sometimes i dont understand how to get fame.

CLC is like medium fame while Blackpink is super fame.

Then Ikon is also medium (except killing me) while BigBang is still famous.

I just hope the wont disband, dont really care if people appreciate my kind of music i guess


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