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BTS Jimin’s Chinese fanclub ‘Jimin Bar China’ supports his birthday on a large scale


22 July, 2019

BTS concert in Saudi Arabia  is on October 11, Jimin‘s Chinese fanclub  have decided to create a special birthday for Jimin on October 13.

Teaser videos of ‘Jimin Bar China‘ introduce 11 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Chengdu in China and are expected to support Jimin‘s birthday this year on a large scale.

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1. [+1362, -81] Jimin Bar China, thank you! Wow ~ BTS Jimin’s birthday support teaser is as good as a movie teaser! This is Jimin Bar China, which made Jimin’s birthday week into a global festival with the best birthday support every year. I was looking forward to it. I love you, Global Star. Jimin.

2. [+1123, -30] As a fan of global star Jimin, BTS, the largest ever scale of Jimin Bar China is not a joke. Thank you for your support.

3. [+913, -26] Oh, I’m looking forward to it, Jimin’s birthday! BTS Jimin’s birthday is almost a global festival! Jimin Bar China is amazing.

4. [+862, -21] Will Jimin’s birthday event be updated? I’m looking forward to this because this is Jimin’s birthday event largest scale ever!

5. [+225, -13] BTS Jimin’s birthday event is the first time for Korean idol groups. During Busan fan meeting, the first time Jimin was advertised at the subway station. Last year, they advertised it in every concert hall during the world tour. Thank you very much for supporting BTS and Jimin.

6. [+179, -3] BTS Jimin, I think this birthday will be the best ever. Thank you so much, Jimin Bar China. I love the idea.

7. [+148, -0] It’s good to see that there is worldwide support for Jimin’s birthday. World star Jimin!! I’m cheering for you in Korea, too!

8. [+107, -11] I think Jimin’s birthday is already coming. Thank you for being born, Jimin.

9. [+101, -11] BTS Jimin is very popular in China. Jimin’s Mattin doll is the best seller in China. Thank Jimin Bar China.

Credit: NAVER

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Chinese fanbases are something else. Chinese fans are the most devoted and hardworking I've ever met. I still remember their hard work during the BBMAs voting.


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Monday, July 22, 2019

Imagine being so big of a star that fans make teaser for your birthday celebration.... WOW Park Jimin can relate.



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