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NCT 127 react to people in New York asking if they are BTS


"Are you BTS?" was a question NCT 127 faced during their visit to New York City. 

The SM Entertainment boy group recently flew over to NYC to promote their new album, 'We Are Superhuman' on Good Morning America and more. 

During their time in NYC, the idols were captured in Times Square and were reportedly constantly asked if they're BTS. In a fan tweeted video, several members awkwardly laughed at the question. Then NCT 127 all cheered when a fan clarified, "They are NCT!"

Mark is also heard saying, "Sorry, we are not BTS."

Frustrated K-pop fans commented, "Why don't people understand that every K-pop group walking isn't bts."

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cocomama123475 pts Thursday, April 18, 2019 4
Thursday, April 18, 2019

This just goes to show the amount of people who are only interested in BTS for clout. They haven’t even bothered to look into the group, or even know the number of members, like come on! It does a disservice to both groups and NCT shouldn’t have to apologise for other people’s ignorance. Anyways, I wish the remainder of NCT’s promotions/tour are a success.


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Hwiyoung96447 pts Thursday, April 18, 2019 7
Thursday, April 18, 2019

It shows that even though BTS made it in the US, they actually didn't... that's sad... Do they even know how many members BTS have? BTS must be just a trend. America is like that. Just like these german people who say yummy to all foreign cuisines cause it's better than their own stuff.

I already see all armys disliking my comment, but it's kind of a truth. One domino hitting the other until all of them have fallen. One famous started and all famous people pulled on the same string.

There many other amazing idol groups out there, but only BTS is making it bigger and bigger. They're becoming everyone's first love cause it's BTS that catches their eyes first not other groups. I believe me the first love stays and you're freaking loyal. I'm glad that Blackpink and NCT are also making their way up. They deserve it. And BTS deserves it too, but people and armys should stop talking like BTS is staying over all the other groups, and the other groups should get more confident cause they also built the path to the US, not only BTS.


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