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Follow up on "Mr. Kim proven innocent..." with all the details


Since the previous article, there has been misinformation spread about Mr. Kim that will be clarified in this article. The report by JTBC have been removed by Naver without an explanation, but the facts presented by JTBC are still verified to be true. Naver have previously removed multiple news articles and content that have been negative towards Burning Sun, YG Entertainment and Seungri. They have done this every time without any explanation.

This article will clarify:

1. Mr. Kim's presumed confession of being a sex offender on a radio show.

2. Mr. Kim's presumed assault at Burning Sun.

3. Mr. Kim's presumed lies about the police.

4. Mr. Kim's presumed sexual harassment of a woman caught on CCTV.

Do not read this article unless you want to know the truth about these topics.

1) To start of there is claims of Mr. Kim admitting on a radio show of being a frequent abuser of women. This rumor started after a radio interview about the Burning Sun scandal was conducted. This was between Kim Hyun-jung, the radio host (in the picture below), and the guest Son Soo-ho (a lawyer). Mr. Kim was not present on the radio show, therefore making it very hard for him to admit to anything. The host states this to be what Kim have told her, based on her memory of the conversation: 

"Didn't I interview Kim Sang-kyo [Mr. Kim] about this? I asked a question and Kim Sang-kyo answered 'I told insiders that there were 50 CCTV in the club. Let's take a look at them. If my actions are considered sexual molestation, then most of the people that come to clubs are being sexually harassed. To say it simply, what's enough for people that go clubbing? It's unfair.' I'm telling you this. The beginning of this case is totally different on both sides, totally. What is the claims from the police?"

This have somehow falsely been interpreted as Mr. Kim admitting on the radio that he's a molester. The interview can be read here for those who understand korean.

However, the club actually have 100 CCTV according to Seungri himself. In an interview with YTN Star from November 2018, Seungri referred to his club; "We have 100 CCTVs in our club, and there is sex education during our club staff training. I think that we should do well in preserving the right party culture for clubs. I wish I can contribute to the culture of the club."

The full interview is here in korean

2) There are claims that Mr. Kim was not assaulted by any employees, but instead assaulting them. However this CCTV footage shows how Mr. Kim is dragged out by his hair, thrown on the ground and gets hit in his face, before being dragged out of the frame. It's still visible that he's getting kicked and being thrown around on the ground before he disappears from the footage. During this time the VIP customer is seen leaving the club while Director Jang, previously beating Mr. Kim, comes back to remove his own hoodie.

It's seen in another CCTV video that Mr. Kim is being held by two men while Director Jang (now in white T-shirt) is boxing him repeatedly four times in his stomach. This is not captured by Burning Sun's CCTV, but from one across the street. See this video here.

Director Jang is then being held back and comforted by security while Kim isn't in the CCTV footage anymore. Jang disappears before Kim returns into the CCTV area.

5 minutes later Mr. Kim returns. He's seen discussing with the security before making a phone call and walking around. He's then seen getting into an argument with the guard, but this doesn't get physical. He starts recording with his phone, and the other man does as well. Kim is then seen sending the video or some messages before making a new phone call.  

18 minutes later almost all of the people outside have disappeared. Mr. Kim is seen following a man that opens the door, while talking on the phone. As the door opens Mr. Kim is seen moving a garbage bag so it holds the door open. He's then pushed away by the same guard that he's been arguing with and walks away.

As he returns the phone call has ended and a police car arrives. He pulls the garbage bag out of the way and walks in. This makes the garbage bag break. He returns outside dragging a pole that he dropps on the ground. He's seen entering again before returning by kicking a cardboard box. He once again starts arguing with the same guard. 

Four policemen arrives to the scen and multiple guards come outside. Mr Kim is seen arguing with the policemen and pointing his finger towards one. The argument is getting out of control and Kim is seen pulling down one of the police men with him as he falls down. He get's surrounded by security and get's handcuffed before being taken away by the police.

When the police car has left the guards are talking to two of the policemen taking their testimony of the previous events. 

This is all information that can be seen from the CCTV footage. This refutes the statement that Mr. Kim attacked anyone and the employees not assaulting him. The video below shows the conversation between Mr. Kim and the police officers when he's asking them to view the CCTV before being handcuffed.

3) Next claim is that Mr. Kim lied about being assaulted by police.

The abuse that Mr. Kim underwent from the police have not been confirmed but Kim have so far posted on his Instagram page that he's suing the police. He's also uploaded a video of CCTV footage where the police is dragging his mother away, and the second video is CCTV footage of the beating he received by Burning Sun employees.

CCTV footages at the police station has showed a few policemen wiping blood off the floor

"Jang, the man who was leading the physical assault on Kim SangGyu outside the club, has stated that Kim was not bleeding at the time, meaning that it is likely that Kim went through additional beatings as he was being escorted by the police to the station. Jang actually gave a statement as well expressing unexpected surprise at the fact that Kim was bleeding." All the assaults combined resulted in 4 fractures in his ribs, rhabdomyolysis, finger paralysis, extreme bruising and bleeding.

Four CCTV footages of inside the police station was ordered by a court to be handed over, but the police only submitted one, saying that two of the CCTV cameras were fakes and were disconnected years ago. The Secretary General of Human Rights Solidarity stated that this wasn't believable considering the amount of money that police department have.

The black box footages were also tampered with, edited and had missing parts. Initially the footage that were submitted had distorted quality, making it hard to see what happened. The footage below shows a policeman grabbing and slamming Mr. Kim's head. All together it's very hard to claim that Mr. Kim lied about the police brutality. You can read about this here.

4) The claim that Mr. Kim was sexually harassing multiple women at Burning Sun. 

It started by the club when they released a CCTV video. This supposedly shows Mr. Kim following a woman around and sexually assaulting her. This was backed up by three women, all claiming that Kim sexually assaulted them at the club. However, all of these women have now been deemed not credible because of their strong connections to Seungri and others at Burning Sun. 

Even though the club apparently have 100 CCTV not one have recorded any actual sexual harassment from Mr. Kim on these women. The claim is that Kim followed one of the women around the entire night, however he's only seen sitting down and drinking water behind her at mark 1:40 when she turns around towards him but keep on dancing. At mark 2:35 he's seen shaking the bottle and hitting/touching her back. She turns toward him again, he looks away, she walks away and so does he. This have somehow been interpreted as him repeatedly poking her butt with his bottle and following her around, although it's impossible from that video sequence to see if it was on purpose or an accident to touch her back once with that bottle.

Mr. Kim is then not anywhere on the CCTV or near this woman until mark 11:20 as he walks up to them/trying to pass them and the confrontation starts between him and the VIP customer. The VIP customer is seen pulling Kim's hair, trying to fight Kim and being held back by others until Kim is dragged out by guards. 

It's not clear why Burning Sun doesn't have a better footage of this incident consider their high amount of CCTV's. There should also be at least one footage of him actually assaulting one of these three women during the night, but there's still none. Below is the only public CCTV footage:

With presumption of innocence Mr. Kim will continue to be innocent until proven guilty, which seems very hard for Burning Sun to prove at the moment.

Edit: Burning Sun have removed the CCTV videos. Parts of them can seen from JTBC's report here.

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Queeeenie539 pts Saturday, March 9, 2019 3
Saturday, March 9, 2019

This is disgusting behaviour from the police.

The freakin police! They abused him and also tampered with evidence???

People are talking about the burning sun employees and those people involved are obviously doing wrong but can we please also talk about the police's role in all this, it's much more alarming!!! These are supposed to be the good guys!


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red_beryl4,096 pts Saturday, March 9, 2019 27
Saturday, March 9, 2019

Thanks for the article, it's so fucked up that someone could've gotten his life ruined by rich evil dudes for no reason, and that the police who was supposed to be on his side ignored their duties and the law just over some cash.

I doubt brain dead fans can read or comprehend written text so ignore the incoming insults.


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