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Mr. Kim proven innocent in shocking truth about Burning Sun


The CCTV footage from the incident and information about the female accusers have finally been revealed, and it shows that Mr. Kim wasn't lying. 

The entire story started when Mr. Kim uploaded a petition for The Blue House, where he told his side of the story in detail. Reporter Oh Hyuk Jin then told the story of him trying to help a woman that was being groped, but instead of helping the woman the employees of Burning Sun and the police assaulted him. It went so far that the doctors found 4 fractures in his ribs, rhabdomyolysis, finger paralysis, extreme bruising and bleeding.

The story that was reported led to "female victims" defending Burning Sun and claiming that Mr. Kim was "fooling the nation". One of the victims even did an interview stating “[Mr. Kim] kept following me until he suddenly grabbed me from behind, near my waist. I was shocked so I tried to get him away from me.” 

The Burning Sun even came out with a CCTV footage that was used to back the women's claim. It also led to him once again being brought in to questioning, however after 7 hours Mr. Kim still denied her accusations.

This left everyone confused about who was speaking the truth, but the truth is now out through CCTV footage (the link is in the end of the article). It shows a man grabbing Kim by his hair and assaulting Kim first. 

While Mr. Kim later is being assaulted by a group of Burning Sun employees, the man is seen exiting through a VIP exit and briefly watch the beating before he drives away in his car, without being questioned by the police, about him allegedly groping a woman in the club.

The man has now been reported to be an acquaintance of Seungri and Burning Sun's CEO. He's also a VIP customer who spent $7,000-$9,000 USD on tables each visit to the club, according to an insider.

Mr. Kim is making a claim that Burning Sun’s CEO and the employees assaulted him to let their VIP customer walk away bullet free.

The truth about the three women that have accused Mr. Kim of sexual assault have all been proven to be deeply connected to employees of Burning Sun. 

The first woman goes by the name Aena and is employed by the club as a promoter. She's currently being investigated as a drug dealer. The club has been accused of providing date rape drugs for rich clientele along with other drugs. She's also known to have made up to $17,000 USD working at the club during one day. The second woman is known to be an acquaintance of the Burning Sun CEO.  The third woman is an acquaintance of an employee of the club. 

Aena has also been in the spotlight for having uploaded a video partying with Seungri. His response was (although it was a video) "I do not know the person in the photograph personally. The photos I take with my fans usually ends up somewhere in the internet and social media. Many people in the club have often come up to me and asked to take a picture together. And I’m usually not hesitant to grant them the opportunity."

Watch the video & report by Jtbc below to see the CCTV etc:



Watch the report here (Naver removed previous video)

This article have been followed up with a new one, read it here.

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Realvibekiller328 pts Friday, March 8, 2019 8
Friday, March 8, 2019

It’s simple.The truth always finds away to emerge.


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LaniJ610 pts Friday, March 8, 2019 27
Friday, March 8, 2019

To sum up, Seungri is an evil & corrupted scum that allegedly pimps out women, his business partners are lecherous druggies, together they employ vile creatures that orchestrate fake scenarios to blame victims that were beat up. The clubs that they operate are infamous for rampant sexual-assault culture. Ah yes, YG is a tax-evading weasel.


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