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Posted by Anon_y_mous1 pt Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Blackpink Fans vs. The Stylists


In light of the 2019 Gaon Chart Awards Ceremony, Blackpink fans yet again share their frustration with the group’s stylist. The stylist went on to win an award in the last night for their efforts. They have been in YG Entertainment styling artists such as boy groups Big Bang and Ikon. The girls have worked with two different head stylists before their current.

Fans of the internationally-famed girl group, coined “Blinks,” have expressed their distaste for the new stylistic choices since the most anticipated comeback of the 2018, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.” The girls landed deals with Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, and Saint Laurent for their comeback music video. Some of the regular complaints have been about the length of dresses or shorts and recycling of old pieces. The lack of interest has also been questioned. 

A tweet from a Blink who suspects that the entertainment company has seen and heard their comments, but chose to ignore them. 

It is known that Blackpink have completely changed fashion standards in K-Pop since their 2016 debut. Jennie, the group’s main rapper, has been endorsing haute couture brand Chanel since 2017, and recently the group’s number one dancer Lisa announced she has become Celine’s ‘New Muse’ on her solo cover for Dazed Korea. The most notable Blackpink-esque other group's stylists have tried to replicate has been the plaid skirts and neck bows. The four girls have taken a different approach to the classic school girl style by edging it up with chains and statement belts. Checkerboard crops and bulky Doc Martens have become a must have in every group’s closets.

In the pre-Blackpink era, the typical style for girl groups were outfits that coordinated a matching color scheme to identical pieces among all members. Light color palettes and delicate jewelry were used to accessorize. Now post-Blackpink, the four girls have stage outfits that are of different fabrics and lengths, and have almost every single piece customized. Each of the four wardrobe choices could stand as outfits on their own rather than for a stage. Their girl crush image allowed them to have individual ensembles while making statements. Up until their first stage performance of “Forever Young,” Blackpink had never worn coordinating outfits.

Another Blink lets their followers know that Blackpink are the reason YG's third generation groups are flourshing in the fashion world.

Blinks shared their disappointment with the stylist on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and though comments on Naver. Ill-fitting skirts is a huge complaint because it is evident in their expressions how uncomfortable the members become when they cannot move around as freely. The two tallest –and youngest– members of the team, Rosé and Lisa, are made to be the same height as their smaller members. While Jisoo and Jennie are put in heels to reach their heights, they are put into chunky combat boots during almost every single appearance. They have worn bulky boots with luxurious brands such as Alexandre Vauthier, Prada, and McQueen.

Not only has the annoyance been rooted towards red carpet and award show appearances, but also their touring outfits. One sleeved tops and white shoes are a sore subject in the Blink fandom.

In an interview conducted in 2018, the group’s former stylist let the interviewer know that before Blackpink, couture brands had no interest in K-Pop idols. But with the power and influence of these four fashionistas, designer brands are eager to work with several artists.

They mix their untouchable visuals, femininity, and international relevancy to become the one of the most powerful groups of the third generation. Blackpink are the leaders of female fashion trends in South Korea. 

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jokerfish180 pts Wednesday, January 23, 2019 0
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This article is baffling... You talk about the fan's complaints as if they are a side note rather then a main point, you gloss over the inciting incident of the award, you leave a key character (the stylist) unnamed, and you don't provide photos of the offending outfits, you reference interviews without quoting the interview and and you spent 2 paragraphs in the middle just on an unrelated tangent??



Irena_Lia-226 pts Thursday, January 24, 2019 0
Thursday, January 24, 2019

rofl blackpink fans are deluding themselves by forcing ideology that blackpink are trendy and famous... The only thing pop streamy about them is that nugu girl going "SOLO" and dancing lazily xd

P.S. article should be called blackpink fans vs their shattering delusions



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