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A Pink's Bomi says that she is not running a YouTube channel for the sake of money + netizens doubt her statements


A Pink's Bomi made a statement regarding her activities as a YouTuber.

On January 6th, A Pink held a press conference for the release of their 8th mini-album 'Percent'. During the Q&A session, Bomi was asked about her YouTube channel 'Bbom Bbom Bbom' that has already amassed over 500,000 subscribers.

"It hasn't even been one year, but I am so thankful that so many subscribers have given me their support. I am recording YouTube videos with joy, even now. I am planning on diligently making the videos until [the subscriber count] hits 1 million and 2 million," expressed Bomi.

When the interviewers asked Bomi if she makes more money from YouTube or from A Pink, Bomi replied, "Of course, through A Pink I make a much bigger profit. There really isn't much [with YouTube]. After running a channel for six months, I learned that you should never start YouTube to earn money."

Bomi also explained that she first started dreaming of becoming a YouTuber five years ago, when she "watched 24 hours a day while on a weight-loss diet." Then, she ended the question by lightheartedly asking the press journalists to subscribe to her channel.

Following this report, netizens responded to Bomi's statements with doubt and criticism. The top comments revealed: "You're doing this for the money too..", "Who's gonna do it if it doesn't bring you money?", "Why are you doing this then? lol what the devil is she talking about? [similar idiomatic expression translated from Korean]" 

Other comments include: "Then, stop receiving advertisement offers", "If you have over 500K subscribers, I heard it brings you about ten million KRW a month, but I guess to you that is nothing....", "Of course you want to earn money and gain attention", "Oh really? Then disclose all your earning as a YouTuber and donate everything. I guess you can do that. Celebrities earn piles of money, and then you even take away the remaining opportunities for ordinary people with your very title as a celebrity.", "I just laugh".

Meanwhile, other netizens supported Bomi and attacked the top commenters for "seeing the situation with a skewed outlook". 

They wrote, "I think she's trying to say that it's difficult to start a YouTube just to earn money by quitting your job. Are you even reading the full article?", "[She saying that] she started YouTube by looking at the profits but later learned that it wasn't so easy as much as she thought", "How come our people just get angry before anything else?"

What is your opinion on this matter?

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eager_beaver1,174 pts Sunday, January 6, 2019 2
Sunday, January 6, 2019

Netizens are once again showing their failure to use reason. If someone says they're not doing something for money, it doesn't mean they reject money. Not doing something for X does not mean one is against X. So all talk about that Bomi should stop receiving advertisement offers or that she should donate away her Youtube income is BS. A person can do things without the goal of profiteering from it, but if that activity starts bringing in money, they welcome it as an extra bonus. So Bomi does not have to prove to the world that she's not in it for the money by donating it all away.


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Crashingshores101 pts Sunday, January 6, 2019 1
Sunday, January 6, 2019

Either way, why are people so bothered?


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