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Posted by Shiv_love_kpop Sunday, December 16, 2018

YG's Trick to increase VIEWS for BLACKPINK's MVs in Youtube!

To avoid getting the views "frozen or getting overlapped views filtered out" , Blackpink's music videos are posted under "People & Blog " category instead of "Music" category.

Currently, the music videos with low views are under "People&Blog" category and those with more views have switched to "Music" category.

This is the major reason why their views are increasing drastically and also have very few freezes and deduction.

This trick was highly condemned by various netizens who also pointed out that this was the media-play done by YG for them to enter American Market.

But unfortunately , their views are majorly from SouthEast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.

This creates doubt as to if BlackPink can succeed in the Western Music Industry and is also believed that if they get caught for manipulation,it would bring them down only to be called as cheaters.

It is also reported that music groups with high views such as BTS, TWICE , EXO and so on have their videos under "Music" category only .

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Murderfucker Sunday, December 16, 2018 17
Sunday, December 16, 2018

"Blackpink's music videos are posted under "People & Blog " category instead of "Music" category." --> I just checked the most viewed MV from the channel - ‘뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)’ -> is posted under category MUSIC.. so not all videos use "strange" category

"Currently, the music videos with low views are under "People&Blog" category and those with more views have switched to "Music" category." -> Oh.. so not all videos... now we talk about switching categories

Just report these videos if You think they breaks any YT rules - or go write to owners of your favorite channel about it - maybe they will start doing similar alleged "tricks" if that helps - kpop world is so hungry with all these views so if you discovered the new way to increase views they will be so thankful for this :P


For all people who trying to defend author of this article:

You can see snapshot made using site web#archive#org (image below) that DDU_DU DDu-DU for example was posted as MUSIC from beginning not as "People & Blog "

- so what the author said that they first of all they use other category (at the beginning) then switches to MUSIC after some time - is definitely not true -> copy link of picture above and open in new tab to make it more readable (here resized by AKP website)

For people who don't know web#archive#org (Internet Archive - Wayback Machine) is nice place where you can check how the site looked in the past..

Next time before you want post similar article - do not use own speculation, etc. - who know if any agencies will not sue you for slanders


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Kkkpopvvv Sunday, December 16, 2018 19
Sunday, December 16, 2018

But in the end views don't matter the groups who had most views disbanded quickly though 2ne1 did not last as long as Girls generation who are still together and release music...Why are people so obsessed with views. For example EXO AND BTS best songs are the ones with the least views. IDOL is BTS worst song but most viewed even war of hormones with its sexist lyrics is better...Views don't mean better music CLC,BTOB other groups have less views like 10M only and their songs are bops some better than BTS and EXO. EXOs music is better than BTS in my opinion but has less views.Recrds dont stay someone is gonna break them...KPOP fans are fans of records and views not kpop. Listening to only 3 most popular groups and preaching they are the best is so wrong some unknown artists to internatinal fans have even better music than EXO,BTS,BP. With so much good music it is impossible to rank them, They are all the best to me. Ranking music and artists by views is stupid. The fans who celebrate these records are the first ones to leave the fandoom once their fave cannot get records anymore...Thats how kpop goes making records and views important will lead only to dissapointment because they never last.


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