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14 K-Beauty YouTubers to watch


K-Beauty has taken the world by storm. Now, it's much easier to access K-Beauty products even if you don't live in Korea! Check out these K-Beauty Youtubers to learn more about how to incorporate Korean techniques into your very own beauty routine!

PONY Syndrome

If you're new to K-Beauty, Pony is the first Youtube you should check out. Previously the makeup artist for CL, she has tons of experience with different looks. She has 4.5 million subscribers on Youtube, with over 230,000,000 total views! In addition, she has her own makeup line, Pony Beauty, which is definitely worth exploring as well!

Sunny's Channel

Sunny is a K-Beauty Youtuber based in New York City. She's well-known for her impeccable cover makeup tutorials. In fact, some of her most popular makeup tutorials are her cover makeup tutorials for celebrities like EXID's Hani, AOA's Seolhyun, and even Kylie Jenner!


Risabae is another classic Youtuber that you should subscribe to. She has over 400 makeup tutorials and skincare routines that are great for both makeup beginners and more experienced people. Fun fact: She recently made her debut as a singer!


Ssin is the queen of makeup tutorials with 364,130,394 total views on Youtube. She does amazing one-brand makeup tutorials, get ready with me videos, and cover makeup tutorials. One time, she even transformed into Big Bang's T.O.P!


Heizle is a relatively newer Youtuber, but she has already gathered a massive fanbase. She has great makeup tutorials that will help you enhance your natural beauty. If you aren't as interested in makeup, she has plenty of skincare and hair tutorials as well!


Roseha is one of Heizle's best friends, and another wonderful Youtuber to check out! Roseha's cover makeup tutorials are iconic, especially her covers of Red Velvet's Irene. In fact, her Irene cover makeup tutorials are among her most popular videos, with almost 1 million views each!


Areumsongee is a pro at using excellent makeup techniques to transform herself. Her get ready with me videos are extremely popular and are some of the most viewed K-Beauty makeup tutorials on Youtube. Her in-depth videos are great for following along.


Lena's Youtube channel is filled with luxury hauls and makeup tutorials that are perfect for binge-watching on the weekends. Her most popular video, in which she transforms from a "beast" to a "beauty" has over 8 million views!


Yeondukong's makeup tutorials are a must! She does great makeup tutorials as well as reviews on products from a variety of K-Beauty brands. If you're looking for product recommendations or want to learn K-Beauty techniques, check out her channel!

Double Soup

Double Soup does gorgeous makeup tutorials. There are makeup looks for everyone, from more mature and sophisticated looks to more fresh and fruity looks. Following her tutorials will help you transform in no time!

hakonyang makeup

Hakonyang is a wonderful K-Beauty channel to subscribe to, especially if you are a student or beginner at makeup. She does lots of informative, easy to follow tutorials for many different occasions.


Daddoa is definitely worth checking out if you love K-Beauty. She has great in-depth tutorials, including easy makeup looks that students can follow along. Her student drugstore no-makeup makeup tutorial has 5.2 million views!

Yoo's Beauty

You don't want to miss out on Yoo's Beauty's videos. Her alluring beauty will inspire you to follow some of her makeup tutorials. Fun fact: Her most popular makeup tutorial, "fig makeup," is in Spanish!

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