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MONSTA X talks about receiving their first ever paycheck

MONSTA X talked about receiving their first ever paycheck.

Idols don't actually see profit until they've paid back all the investment that their label put into them, so it's a privilege that only a few idols have to see pure profit. MONSTA X received their first ever paycheck from profits 6 months ago, and they talked about how it felt to see the fruit of their hard work.

I.M said, "I couldn't believe it was my money. It wasn't a large amount, but it was a large amount if you thought about in from some angles. It didn't feel real to receive money that I've made when we received our first paycheck after a long period of training and then debuting."

Minhyuk said, "I've made money part-timing during high school, but in our first paycheck, we made more than you can ever by just part-timing. I couldn't believe it. The money is actually paid out two days after it's calculated, and I couldn't sleep. The members kept asking one another if we got paid and we were so happy."

Hyungwon added, "It was the first time I've made my own money. I never thought about it realistically and I just trained and promoted because I liked standing on stage. But seeing the amount made me think that I should work hard."

Wonho said, "More than the amount, the meaning was more important. If the members were getting money, it meant we were making profit, and also that the label was getting profit. It meant we could continue to promote, and that we could keep seeing our fans. Our future looks good."

Congratulations to MONSTA X.
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