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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, March 22, 2018

7 Hi-Touch Tips to Make the Most of Meeting Your Favorite Idols

7. Utilize the time as best you can.
It's easy to freeze up in front of your favorite music group ever, but try not to let the adrenaline from that overwhelm you. Your time is going to be fleeting during the hi-touch, so try to extend your interactions with your favorite idols as long as you can. Sometimes lines to high-five can get a little high-traffic and the lines will slow down. In that event, use your time to really get a few words in with the idol you're stuck in front of. Trust us, the reaction is always positive! Some fans even clasp hands when they high-five and end up holding hands with their favorite idol for a minute! There's a story you can brag about.
6. Read the gift policy!
Nothing sucks more than spending hours over a perfected gift for your bias, but finding out at the door that you can't bring gifts in and you have to throw your precious work away. Save yourself the agony, time and money and double-check the event's policies before the hi-touch so that you don't show up with a gift you can't even give!
5. Be mindful of your favorite's personal space!
A huge factor to take into account during hi-touch is to respect your idol's personal space. Hi-touches are fast-paced high-fives, not a time to talk about geopolitical climate, and definitely not the time to hug your bias and never let go. Though some idols are more responsive to hugs and displays of affection, some are not, so be mindful and read the signs!
4. Leave your camera at home and your phone in your pocket.
Though you want to get awesome pictures of your favorite groups and artists to share with your friends and family, hi-touch events are often pretty tight with cameras and recording in general. We suggest leaving your camera at home and not trying to sneak your phone out. Yes, you'll miss out on sharing this to Instagram or Facebook, but it definitely won't be worth it when you're kicked out of the hi-touch for recording. But, if you do get away with it... consider yourself one of the lucky ones.
3. Make your bias laugh!
A huge tip that's worked for a lot of K-Pop fans is doing something to make their favorite idol laugh! Whether it's accidentally tripping in front of them or telling a hilarious joke to get them to crack a smile, it's simple to make someone laugh and makes the hi-touch process enjoyable for both parties! Don't be afraid to talk to your favorites, they want to interact with you!
2. Be prepared to move fast.
Hi-touch events, though intimate, are extremely fast. They'll go by faster than a blink of an eye if you're not prepared, so a huge tip for hi-touch is to prepare what you're going to say or do in advance. Whether you're sharing your favorite song to your bias or showcasing a piece of fan art you made, be ready to move really quickly and say what you need to say in a succinct amount of time.
1. Stay calm!
The biggest hi-touch tip any veteran hi-touch attendee can give is to stay calm. Idols don't enjoy it when fans scream or faint in front of them, and we don't blame them! Try your best to keep your cool and act as if you'd normally act when meeting someone for the first time. Just remember, your favorite idol is a person too, so treat them like one!

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