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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Monday, January 29, 2018

Son Yeon Jae apologizes for liking Adelina Sotnikova's gold medal photo on Instagram

Son Yeon Jae
Son Yeon Jae apologized for her controversial Instagram activity. 

Recently, the rhythmic gymnast received heavy criticism for liking Adelina Sotnikova's gold medal photo from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Son Yeon Jae shut down her Instagram in response to the hate but then came back with an apology on January 30 KST.

Son Yeon Jae stated, 

"Hello, this is Son Yeon Jae. First, I apologize for causing concerns. Yesterday, I was so surprised by all the malicious comments on my Instagram so I deactivated my account. I took such action because I'm currently overseas and I suddenly remembered the past days where I struggled greatly with malicious comments. When I got myself together, I realized that my Instagram account has liked Adelina Sotnikova's photo. I was also very shocked. I sincerely apologize for disappointing everyone with my mistake. I think I've disappointed many even more by getting startled and deactivating my account without getting things straight. To be honest, I was very scared. It was hard to say anything. There are people who negatively perceive no matter what I say so it was hard for me to bring up the courage and I wasn't able to speak up til now. However, it's something that occurred with my account so I believed I need to apologize with a message like this at least. I sincerely apologize. Through this incident, I will deeply reflect, look back on my actions, and make sure such happening doesn't occur again. I will also be more cautious from now on and show an improved self. I will work hard to not hurt the people who have always trusted and supported me."

Despite Son Yeon Jae's apologize, netizens are continuing to criticize her, commenting, "You do not mess with Kim Yuna, even if it's a mistake...", "She said she realized she has liked a photo when she got herself together LOL Does she think we're stupid? And what kind of apology is that?", "We're not stupid;; Is this an apology or an excuse?"

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