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This is why Tablo is trying so hard to learn the BTS' 'Fire' dance

By yckim124   Tuesday, October 24, 2017   86,092   18,151   46



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Recently, Tablo shared a screenshot of the text messages he exchanged with BTS' SUGA. The rapper was asking the idol star for dance lessons. Many are excited but also puzzled as to why Tablo is trying the learns the moves to "Fire". Well, it all started with this one tweet back in 2015. 

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The Epik High member promised to upload a video of him dancing if their "Born Hater" MV reaches 10 million views. 

Honestly, Tablo says he didn't think the MV could reach 10 million views because it's rated 19+, meaning a viewer will have to verify their age to view it. But the thought of seeing Tablo dance was too thrilling for netizens, and it happened. "Born Hater" MV hit 10 million views over the summer. In response to the remarkable achievement, Tablo tweeted, "A promise is a promise...Can you give me time to learn a dance and I can show you my performance at Epik High's concert in the fall?"  

The deal has been made, and while searching for dance ideas, Tablo heard "Fire" by BTS has some sick choreography. Now you know why he reached out to SUGA for dance lessons, and as you can see, Haru's dad is trying very, very hard. 

But you can't just become a dance machine overnight. On October 24, Tablo tweeted, "Will it be cheating if I dance 'Fire' 70% slower than the original... 50% slower is already hard enough..." 

To this, a netizen mercilessly replied, "2x fast dance is popular nowadays."

Well, Like Tablo said, a promise is a promise. Epik High's concert is scheduled for November 3 and 4th. We're expecting a lit performance, Tablo. 

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