Posted by mkim93 Thursday, September 21, 2017

'SMTM' PD says she wished to see LOCO, GRAY, and Woo Won Jae perform together

In a recent interview, the 'Show Me The Money' PD expressed how she wanted to see LOCO, GRAY, and Woo Won Jae perform together.

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The interviewer mentioned how many viewers were disappointed in the result in which they were not able to see the three artists perform together. The PD replied, "We were disappointed on not being able to see it as well. After the dry rehearsals, we edited footage and worked hard to showcase the best result. The three looked really good together, it was too bad the viewers weren't able to see it. It was a different style compared to what Woo Won Jae was used to doing."

She also spoke about how Woo Won Jae thanked the program for giving him a platform to do music, "He said 'thank you' a lot. I think we were able to help him do things that he wanted to do and discussed to great extent on how to create the stage for him. He expressed his gratitude often to the producers and the staff."

Were you also disappointed on not being able to see these three on stage together?

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