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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Saturday, August 26, 2017

Minhyun records a surprise gift for NU'EST fans for NU'EST W fanmeet, faces backlash from Wannables

NU'EST had a surprise gift for their fans.

NU'EST W had their first fanmeet on the 26th (they'll have another show later today on the 27th). The boys not only gifted their fans with drinks, iRings, and handwritten letters, but also a special gift message from Minhyun. 

In the video, Minhyun said, "Even I can feel the cheers from here. Sadly, I couldn't be with my members in this fanmeeting, but it's a fanmeeting that they prepared harder than anyone else, so I believe LOɅEs will enjoy it. There's a reason why I'm filming this surprise video. It's too sad if our precious, good memories end this early. So my NU'EST friends, my members, are preparing a stage that's really special. Members!! Are you listening!! Are you ready? Yes, they say they're ready and that they're preparing hard. Then now, let's count down to the encore stage that my members worked really hard for. I'll say good bye now."

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Fans, of course, cheered as loud as they could when they saw Minhyun, and a few even burst into tears. 

Also, Minhyun was mentioned in their office skit, where Baekho mentioned that employee 'Hwang' was absent. JR answered that 'Hwang' had gone on a vacation.


However, it appears that not everyone was happy with the video and skits - in fact, the same Wannables that jumped on Minhyun and NU'EST W members whenever they mentioned each other flocked to the members (including Minhyun's) Instagram and demanded they stop mentioning each other. Not only so, some Wannables expressed disappointment that Minhyun had done the video for NU'EST W and that his promotions with Wanna One was described as 'vacation'. Some also didn't like how he called NU'EST W members 'his' members.

However, both Wannables and LOɅEs came to his defense, reasoning that both NU'EST and Wanna One were Minhyun's groups, and it was totally legitimate for Minhyun to call NU'EST W his members. Others pointed out that members such as Bae Jin Young and Ong Seong Wu had also done things for their labels, and as the skit itself was an office skit, totally legitimate to call Minhyun's absence a 'vacation'.

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