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Baek Ji Young discusses how her husband Jung Suk Won is a good housekeeper?

Baek Ji Young, Jung Suk Won
Broadcast on August 14, SBS' 'Same Bed Different Dreams 2' welcomed singer Baek Ji Young to the show where she discussed how her husband Jung Suk Won helped around the house.

Returning to the entertainment scene after two months since giving birth, the special MC shared how she managed to lose the swelling.  "I ate a lot of pumpkins.  It helped after I gave birth to get rid of the swelling and led to a fast recovery."

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When asked if her husband actor Jung Suk Won was good around the house.  The singer answered, "He's good at looking after the child with his eyes only.  He eats well and leaves things lying around for me to clean up afterward.  Other than that, he's good with everything else," causing much laughter.

Hearing this, the MC commented, "That's good enough. You're nine years apart after all," sarcastically.

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