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[Drama Review] 'My Sassy Girl' - Episodes 25-28

Jungshin, Joo Won, Oh Yeon Seo, Shim Hyung Tak, Kim Yoon Hye

Ridiculing others behind their back and now look what's happened to you yourself!

What all happened to all of those comparisons I made in the past reviews between the original 2001 movie version of 'My Sassy Girl' and this SBS historical drama remake? The remake title has flown off to Mars, that's what's happened... but I thought I'd bring this up briefly simply to point out that in episode 28, the drama managed to bring back singer Shin Seung Hoon's famous OST "I Believe" from the movie's OST album, the actual original song itself! Up until now, the drama has gotten away with playing various instrumental versions of the same melody in critical scenes, so it seems this is the first time the real song itself has been played. You can imagine how this managed to ruin the sorrowful moment a little, when Princess Hyemyung (played by Oh Yeon Seo) confronts Gyeonwoo (played by Joo Won) about the strange claim that Gyeonwoo was the one responsible for the former queen's deposition... 

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Speaking of which, talk about a major plot twist! Were any of you expecting that to happen? Yes, it was long since revealed that Gyeonwoo had some sort of tie to the Princess since his youth. But the truth we discovered in this week's episodes was far beyond anything I imagined! It turns out, Gyeonwoo was a sort of a "national treasure" as far as genius kids go in Joseon at the time. He was praised for his smarts and his writing skills, but he was still only a kid after all... and after witnessing the calligrapher's murder that fateful night, the poor kid gets it in his head that the former queen ordered the calligrapher's death to cover up her love affair! How could a child do so much damage by writing the rumors on such a flimsy piece of paper? With the evil schemes of royal advisory board member Jung Ki Joon, of course. By the time Gyeonwoo discovers the calligrapher's note inside the brush, it's much, much too late... Deciding to find the former queen and turn back his actions somehow, Gyeonwoo meets up with the young Princess on the night of the former queen's deposition. The two set out to search for the queen, but Gyeonwoo leaves the princess in an isolated shack in the woods to get help, then ends up suffering a grave injury during his way back, causing him to lose his memory! A series of twists and turns I was definitely not expecting in this lighthearted drama!

Her expressions are seriously the best.

Yes, the memory loss element is the perfect cliché tool to hide all kinds of truths from viewers until the last minute. And the incredibly cliché farewell date Gyeonwoo and Princess Hyemyung had in the final moments of episode 28 really topped the cliché meter in this week's episodes... still, the new developments we got to see were still acceptable to move the story and the plot forward, since by now, the characters have warmed up to us and we want to see their troubles resolved. When putting aside that heavy 'My Sassy Girl' remake title, this drama really can pass for a moderately good, light, historical series... 

This guy's a real tragic case too. Did he eat the poisoned porridge or not?

The lengths to which Jung Ki Joon went to try to appease his daughter and fulfill her request was a little wacko! Fortunately, Gyeonwoo's father waved off the threat/proposal for them to wed right away. But other than the major rift in Gyeonwoo and Hyemyung's relationship we'll be dealing with next week, there isn't much more to linger on... Kang Joon Young (played by CNBLUE's Jungshin) continues to be dry and patchy in terms of his presence and solidity in the series, so it seems like he'll end up being the loyal protector who shows up a good 5-6 mins per episode through until the end. When it comes to lovelines also, it can't be helped that Se Ho (Lee Si Un)'s relationship with Mal Geum is a little more appealing to us 21st century viewers. Will the son of an upper class family like Se Ho be able to make the servant girl Mal Geum happy? Will the societal barriers of that time period allow it? So interesting!

It looks like we don't have too many weeks left to go until the end of 'My Sassy Girl' the historical drama. Other than seeing Gyeonwoo and Hyemyung coming to terms with their troubled pasts and forgiving each other, accepting the consequences of their actions, etc, I think what we'd really like to see is just more of the quirky, fun aspects that this drama promised us in the beginning. After all, the comedy is always the best part in romantic comedies, right?

See you next week!


Plot ............................6

Performance ..............7

Pacing ..........................4

OVERALL .......................5.6

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